Monday, November 05, 2007

Simple Sunday

Yesterday was nice and simple. When Baily woke up she was feeling much better. She still kinda looked like a zombie... she was so skinny and pale andher eyes were all big but we were just happy to see her feeling better. We just hung out and visited with Gerald and Rachelle during the morning and after they left we got ready for church. We got there like 2 seconds too late to take the Sacrament which I hate when we do that but testimony meeting was awesome. The sweetest testimonies were born and I just felt overwhelmed with love as I looked around at all the members of our ward. I seriously have the best ward ever... it truly is a ward family. During Relief Society and Sunday School I really struggled. I felt so weak and like I was gonna pass out. I was in the mother's room most of the time where it's nice and cool and I wouldn't feel bad if I dozed off. The all-nighter with
Baily and the very limited food I ate for a family fast we were having made me really weak and dizzy. I was grateful to have a friend who was in there with her baby to keep my company and make sure I didn't pass out. After church we came home and Robert's mom bought us El Pollo Loco. We scarfed it down since we were all starving and before we even finished eating Baily fell asleep. When I lied her down I lied down with her and was passed out quickly. Baily slept from 5 yesterday until 8 this morning! She's never slept that long. I guess her body had to fight off the rest of that bug or something. The rest of the evening was just simple and peaceful and quiet and Robert and I fell asleep pretty early. It was nice to have such a simple, quiet Sunday.

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Emily Loria said...

i love simple sundays. ♥