Friday, November 16, 2007

Wahoo... tagged again!

I love being tagged... thanks Becca! This was a good one!

1. My Deep Dark Secret
I'll never te-ell. LOL... ok this is probably not my deepest, darkest secret but it's an embarrassing one. I crave the taste and smell of dirt. I've even been known to suck on a rock a few times to ease the craving. And before you think I'm so insane I just want it known that I'm not the only one with this psycho problem... it's a big symptom of anemia- especially during pregnancy.

"alone time" with my man (hee, hee... well when I'm not pregnant that is), fresh pineapple, Fall, hearing my baby laugh, the rush of a good run, my membership in the true church, steak from Texas Roadhouse, clearance sales, playing soccer, always winning at board games, laughing until I almost pee my pants, Eclipse, fresh bell peppers, hanging out with my family, popcorn from movie theatres, rain, taking a bath and listening to Yanni music, Josh Groban... wow- I could literally go on forever so I better stop myself before this list gets out of control

clowns, deep and dark water, spiritual death

good- reading scriptures, blogging (more like an addiction I'd say), being grateful
bad- not doing my hair and make-up every day, popping zits (sorry TMI!) and fingers and toes

I'm very hesitant to say they're talents but I know how to play alto sax and the flute. I think I'm pretty talented at public speaking and cooking maybe.

6.Things I would like to learn
oh so many... I agree Becca- patience is definitely on the top of the list, cake decorating, complete selflessness, how to be a marathon runner, more cooking techniques, inerior decorating skills, photography skills... this list could also go on forever

I tag Janel and Malissa!

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Emily Loria said...

I hate clowns too--- and I just have to say that your dirt loving condition is called Pika. I craved soap durring both of my pregnancies... I remember walking down the soap and detergent isles at the grocery store just breathing it all in... and yes I licked soap a few times, my favorite -- Irish Spring. See- you are not so weird.