Monday, November 19, 2007

Peace Which Passeth All Understanding

Saturday was a much better day. I truly felt like I experienced the "peace which passeth all understanding" that's talked about in the scriptures. I'm so grateful for prayer and for the peace of conscience and peace of mind that come from paying your tithing. My morning started off with an early morning grocery shopping trip to Wal-mart. It was a much better exerience than the day before. Baily wasn't with me and it wasn't that crowded. I spent more than I planned on which I was bummed about but I felt like everything would be ok. After I got home and unloaded and put everything away I cleaned and picked up the house, showered and got me and Baily ready and then us and Robert were off car shopping. We went to AZ Discount Cars where Robert's cousin works. We found a really nice Dodge Caravan that we liked. Baily loved it too... when we were done test driving it she did not want to get out. It was really clean and in immaculate condition and I think it's really pretty. After the test drive we started on all the fun paperwork. That took a while. We were bummed to hear that it was gonna take a while to find out if we were approved so we decided to leave and just wait for his cousin to let us know. We came home and just relaxed for a while. Baily took a nice long nap and, prepare yourselves... I got to take a nap too! I fell asleep on the couch but I was sweating like crazy since it was so hot so I went to lie down on our bed. Of course I wasn't able to fall back asleep. I started having really bad contractions so I got up and read scriptures and just relaxed. We found out we weren't gonna be able to know anything for sure about the van until Monday so we went out to Barro's for dinner... per Baily's dire request once again. It was really good but I had a hard time enjoying it because the contractions were so bad. I was really starting to get worried that I might have been going into labor. As it turned out I wasn't but it was a little scary. After we ate we went and payed a bill and took Baily and me for some frosty's at Wendy's. I don't really remember but I'm pretty sure we came home and fell asleep soon after. I'm just so grateful that I felt such a strong peace during a time that I would usually be so stressed. I am truly blessed with the tender mercies of the Lord everyday!

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Cordova Family said...

Contractions!! Ugh scary!! You better just chillax sista!! We don't want prelabor goin on!! You call me if you ever need ANYTHING!! Even cravings...tacos, hamburgers, barro's, anything. We'll go get it!! Good luck on the van!!