Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Bright New Day

I woke up today feeling a sense of newness... a desire to make today better- to feel better about myself today. I felt the joy of having a bright new day to spend however I wanted. I love feeling like that- like I have control over how I feel and act. In actuality I always have that power but I don't always feel it. Nothing too exciting happened this morning other than the usual routine stuff. Robert was supposed to get a ride to work from his brother but, unsurprisingly, his brother totally blew him off so he had to get a ride from his Tio Armando. And I planned on going to a lunch at a friend's house that's moving out of town but it fell through I guess. So Baily and I just hung out and got stuff done around the house. After my nephew Bryan got home from school he and Baily helped me make cookies for Bryan to take to his teachers and for us to eat. We made my very favorite kind... oatmeal chocolate chip with walnuts. Yum! The dough is the best part. They had fun adding all the many ingredients. During this process we also finished up the indoor Christmas decorations. It was nice telling the kids about the nativity pieces and how the baby Jesus, "Shesus" as Baily says, is the whole reason we celebrate Chritmas. Baily was reverent when she placed the baby Jesus in the nativity scenes. It was so sweet. And as you can see, we still need to get Joaquin's stocking up... that's why there's an empty spot waiting for his stocking. I was able to finally pick up our van at the dealership around 5:30. I was so relieved that it was nothing major... a hole in the emissions hose that they replaced. Whew! There was really nothing extraordinary about today but it was a bright new day and I feel good about how I spent my time today.
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Cordova Family said...

OKAY, if someone can just shoot me now, that would be good! I am so sorry!! Rachel was running super late, so I had to go over there and unlock the door and let people in and what not, and then I totally spaced picking you up!! I am so stupid and so sorry!! Do you wanna go to the park? I won't forget you...I am so sorry!! I have no brain!!

Beau said...

Yo Yo, What up my Sista. Seriously, I think you are the best Mom out there. Its all about family, there is nothing else after this life, so why should there be so much other stuff IN this life? Yeah yeah, we have to make a living and all, but, you know what I mean, right? I am realizing that more and more as I get closer to having my own family. Its a wonderful life! Thats another classic movie you should find clips to. I love you Sis, and can't wait to see you(and Bailey, and Robert, and Bubba, and Alex, and Grams, and Fran, and Gerald and Rachelle, and Bro. Hofling and......yeah, you get the idea), but really I can't wait to specifically see you and just chill as a family and have the love of my life right there with me! Sweetness! Ciao!