Friday, November 02, 2007

Bi-Weekly Menu

This is really not a very exciting menu but it's what I plan on. Maybe after these next 2 weeks when I'm done baby-sitting I'll get some "nesting" energy and make some creative foods. Until then... this is it! And yes- a lot of these meals are recycled from last menu since I didn't cook much.

F- Barro's Pizza
Sa- out to eat- baby shower
Su- breakfast skillets, english muffins, oj
M- cheddar broccoli soup, rolls, rice krispy treats
Tu- meatloaf, twice baked potatos, veggies
W- chicken enchiladas, spanish rice
Th- philly cheesesteak subs, chips
F- Mango's for temple date night
Sa- grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup
Su- french toast, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns
M- slow cooker orange chicken, jasmine rice, snow peas, chocolate cream pie
Tu- bbq pork chops, fried potatos, corn
W- baked penne pasta, garlic bread
Th- hamburger steak, mashed potatos and gravy, veggies

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Cordova Family said...

YUMMY!! I hope you have shower pictures to post!!