Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Miracles Happen

Monday was a busy day of running around and what not. After Baily and I dropped off Robert at work I was in the mood for shopping (I'm never in the mood for shopping) so we went to Target so I could spend my gift card I got for Bubba at the baby shower. I got a call from Robert while I was there saying that I could go and pick up a check from the mechanic that had our car. He was just gonna buy it off of us and he ended up paying more for it than what we thought we would originally get. Nice! So I while I was at Target I decided to do a little bit of Christmas shopping. I was excited since I thought I wasn't going to be able to do any Christmas shopping at all this year and all the sudden I had this opportunity. I got some fun stuff... nothing too much. And mostly I got Baily clothes since she decided to go through a growth spurt and got too tall for most of her 2T clothes. She just barely moved up to 2T like 3 months ago! She really needed clothes though and I found a lot of cute stuff on clearance. After we left Target I went and got the license for the car notarized and drove up to Scottsdale to where our car was and got our huge check...lol. Ok so maybe it wasn't a million dollars but $500 seems like that much to us. It was sad to say goodbye to our car, especially under these circumstances but I was grateful it turned out better than I expected. On our way home I get another call from Robert saying we weren't approved for the loan for the car unless we put $500 more down. Crap... there goes that little extra money I thought we had. So I tell him fine... we need a car so tell him we'll put the extra $500 down. I start feeling bummed because I might have to return all the stuff I just bought. We found a way to keep it though... but it's a bummer that there's no way, unless we find more money some other way, we will be able to buy Christmas gifts or decorations or any of the fun holiday stuff now. Later on that evening Robert called and told me we were approved and we were gonna be able to get the van. The payments are a little more than we hoped for and the first one will be due the 20th of Dec., right before Christmas, but it's a miracle that we were approved and we were actually gonna be able to get a new van. So I picked up Robert early from work and we went to the car dealership and filled out all the fun paperwork. We were bummed that we wouldn't be able to take the new van home that night but high five that we were approved and good to go! It really is a miracle how it all worked out the way it did and I have faith that even though it will be tight everything will work out great. And despite that we won't be able to do much for Christmas I know our families will be understanding (I just hate receiving gifts when I can't give any in return) and it makes it easier to really focus on just enjoying our new son and focusing on the real Reason for the season. Miracles really do happen!


Tamie said...

i'm with you babe on not having any money...it totally sucks, but i think that it also gives you the opportunity to be creative with your gift giving. like i'm giving my brother's family 6 Article of Faith FHE lessons...their oldest if only 2...but it is a start on something that is great.
one year, my parents made that the rule: that we could only make gifts for each other. i remember that my brother (with the help of my mom) made penut briddle for my grandfather b/c he loves the stuff....you'll be able to do some small things if you get creative :)
trust me, i'm still trying to brainstorm some things for the upcoming holiday!!!
i'm glad that you guys got the loan for a much-needed car :)

Alex said...

Well, congratulations on the new van! My car is way too much for me, but hey, I don't have a family to support, do I? No, sure don't. I just know that doing meaningful service and having faith that things will work out okay, everything will be well. I love you sis. See you tomorrow!

Emily Loria said...

oriSo excited for you Sarah. It's amazing how things work out the way they do. Love your new van and you will love it too. (I love ours-- which was a total miracle also) What a great Christmas gift!

It seems as if every christmas we are tight on cash, and I get creative with things-- one year I decorated pocket calanders with leftover scrapbook paper and stickers-- it cost me .50 cents a person and people raved about them. I even had one of my friends order 20 of them for her friends so I made a little money in the end!

Cookies and home made candy are always nice. Sorry if my ideas are boring you-- I just know how it goes.

THIS YEAR-- I collected acorns and I am going to paint little funny faces on them and string them for Christmas ornaments= total cost, FREE!! Love a good deal.

Congrats again, your faith pulled you through! ♥