Saturday, December 29, 2007

Doin' Better

Yesterday was a much better day for me. Some days you just gotta endure through and it will all be better the next day, ya know? Anyway we took Robert to work and stopped by McDonald's on our way back. I don't know what it is with me and McDonald's lately but it really needs to stop. Anyway after we ate we got showered and cleaned up and then we took a little nap. Well I napped while Baily was falling asleep and once she did fall asleep I was able to finish a letter for my mom and get some pictures ordered to finally send her. After Baily woke up I got Joaquin fed and changed and in a deep sleep so Baily and I could make a quick run to the Wal-Mart. I had to get the oil changed in the van and get some last minute gifts for our Christmas in Show Low this weekend. After we got home we just hung out for a bit. Then we went and picked up Robert at work and stopped at Barro's for a pizza on our way to bring home. Baily was so disappointed that we weren't going in so she could play. We promised her we would next week. Poor baby- she's so confused with all the changes sometimes. So it was a busy day of running around but no crazy emotions and I was grateful for my nice little Baily Bug. We're headed for Show Low in about an hour until Tuesday so I'm so excited for that. I'll try to catch up on everyone's blogs while I'm up there. Thanks for all the comments and sorry I haven't returned any of them but I promise I will soon. Love you all!


Becca said...

Have fun in Show Low, enjoy your weekend!

Alex said...

See you tonight Sista!

Julie said...

Sorry Baily is being naughty! I think it is the crazy of the season, or little "angel" who will be two in January has really become a two year old this pass weeks, we had our first all out fit in the middle of the mall! oh the joy of parenting:) Hope you have fun up north