Monday, December 03, 2007

Nesting and Venting...

I'm definitely into my nesting phase but unfortunately I don't have the energy to go along with it. And when I was in this phase of pregnancy with Baily it was so much easier since I didn't have a 2 year old to tend to and I could take naps frequently. It's a little annoying wanting and trying to get so much done but it being so hard and getting done so slowly. And I hate Robert's schedule so much. He was working all day so I didn't have any help with moving stuff as well as keeping Baily entertained. But enough of the complaining. I did manage to get a lot of organizing and decluttering done as well as getting all Bubba's clothes washed along with the car seat and bouncer and swing covers and stuff like that. So that's a relief. I worked my rear end off every spare minute I had. Baily was actually pretty good with staying entertained on her own with her books and videos. She needed my attention full on a couple of times yesterday but she was much better than she has been lately. I think she senses a big change happening because, with the exception of yesterday, she's been so clingy to me lately. She always has to be where I am and even when she's sleeping I have to have my hand on her and she has to be touching me somehow. She freaks out whenever I'm not in her sight. Robert tries to help but she only wants me. I think she must know her full attention from me is going to be much more limited in the near future. It's funny how kids are intuitive like that. Anyway as you can imagine by the time Robert got home from work I was spent. I was on the verge of emotional breakdown and I think it was purely from being tired and frustrated for not being able to physically get done what my body is somehow craving... the whole nesting thing. I'm so glad Robert's such a patient husband and so loving with me. I was pretty grouchy and tired and he was just so sweet.

Yesterday my BIL, Robert's sister's husband, got home from Afghanistan to visit for 2 weeks. It's exciting and I'm so happy for their family to have him home at this time. Bryan was so excited to have his Pappa home... it was so precious. He could barely keep from having a huge grin on his face all day. Thomas and his family are truly sacrificing for him to be over there in Afghanistan to fight for our freedom and it makes me so grateful for him and all our troops. I love being an American and thank everyone who ensures that it's a free country. They came straight to our house from the airport and Cande grilled carne asada for the traditional Dominguez carne asada dinner. It was delicious as always and nice to enjoy having him home. Baily was excited to see him as well. They didn't stay long- I'm sure he was tired and just wanted to get home to be alone with his family. They and Cande are all flying to Florida to Disney World on Sunday until Thursday night. They won't be here the morning I have the baby but they'll get home that night. I hope it's a fun 2 weeks for them. They deserve it!

And I forgot to mention for my own memory purposes that on Sunday night we finally finished the Book of Mormon in our family scripture reading. I'm not sure but I think it's the 2nd or maybe just the 1st time completely reading the BOM since we've been married for these almost 3 years. It took forever but it felt great to finish it and I'm sure we'll do much better this next time in not taking so long to finish reading it and in being more consistent. Robert also ordained Andre a Priest after church on Sunday which was a special experience. Andre has really made some positive progress and I'm so proud of him. After he was ordained the Bishop put him on the spot and asked him to bear his testimony to us. It was a sweet, simple testimony but it really touched me- especially when he expressed his love for us. I sure do love that kid!

So hopefully I'll find a way to finish getting my rooms and house gutted and organized and everything ready for my sweet baby boy these next couple days. If anyone wants a 2 year old to play with I know a little girl for you... lol! Love you all!

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