Monday, December 10, 2007


Why am I so stupid sometimes!? Seriously I don't understand why I make some of the stupid, wrong choices that I do. I'm not going to get into details because it's really quite personal but I just have to say that I'm such a moron sometimes and today was definitely one of those times!! Ok... sorry about that. I decided to take Robert to work today so I wouldn't be stranded home bored all day. I wanted to take Baily to the park but couldn't because of the rain or to the library but couldn't because of stupid late fees. But I'm glad I had the van anyway because we did go out a couple of times to break up the monotony of the day. I keep having this crazy craving for McDonald's cheeseburgers lately and I don't know why. I have never really cared for them. So after we got home from dropping Robert off we went in search for loose change around the house and then went to McDonald's so I could have a dumb cheeseburger. It was sooo good in such a strange way. After we ate I cleaned and read scriptures and just hung out. Then I put Baily down for another nap and once again fell asleep right along with her. Like I said, I'm really digging this napping thing. I think I might do it more often! After we woke up we ran to the store and came home and started baking. Baily watched Toy Story part of the time and helped me the other part of the time. I made some pumpkin pie bars for VT girls and made a scrumptious dinner of sausage and peppers. The bars turned out really good... I hope my girls liked them. I put them in these really cute little Christmas tins along with a Christmas card. While they were cooling and dinner was cooking we read lots of books and I was so impressed by how well her speaking is coming along. So that's what the video is. I'm sure I'm just an overproud mom but I really think she's doing awesome with her talking and it's so clear! After the bars were all ready Baily and I went and delivered them. Then we came home and took dinner out of the oven and went and picked up Robert from work. It was raining the whole time. It's been raining off and on all day and I love it, love it, love it! Oh I love the rain! I can't get enough of it. Anyway we got home, ate dinner, got ready for bed, read scriptures and prayed and I went to go put Baily to sleep. Well 2 hours later... grumble, grumble... she finally fell asleep. So that's my day. I hope I can find stuff to keep me busy these next 2 days so I don't go crazy. The time is just going by way too slow!!


Sarah Roath (sorry had a hard time signing in LOL) said...

OH my gosh Sarah! She is talking so good!!! I can't believe it! Wow! You are so lucky to have rain! LOL! You have to read my post from this morning. LOL! You will see why I said that. :)

Becca said...

I hate McDonalds, but guess what? When I was prenant with brooke I craved their hamburgers. I think it was the onions, but who knows? Enjoy your naps, they're not going to last long! Can't wait to meet to Bubba!