Monday, December 17, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

Joaquin and I got to come home on Saturday which I wasn't expecting at all. I didn't think I would be coming home until Sunday or Monday but since this time was so much easier than with Baily I was ready by Saturday to go home. It ended up being a pretty hectic day and went by really fast. I got up and showered and got ready for the day and had a little quiet peaceful time to read and pray and get my stuff packed up and the room organized. I also enjoyed a delicious breakfast of belgian waffles, country potatos (sooo good!!), bacon and orange slices. Then the craziness started. I scheduled Joaquin's circumcision and picture session for that morning. Right about the time he left for his circumcision my family all came by. This included Gerald, Rachelle, Alex, Grandma, Fran, Robert and Baily. After they brought my poor boy back he was not a happy camper and it broke my heart. I felt like the worst mom ever. Poor little guy. I didn't have much time to worry about it though because he had his picture session right after. Nice timing huh? It ended up working out really well though. Oh and on our way down to the photo studio Santa came and visited all the rooms in the Maternity Ward. It was so sweet and I was so excited for Bubba to have a picture with Santa. Baily and Robert had gone down and seen Santa earlier that day and gotten a picture with him so it was nice that Joaquin and I were able to get a picture with him as well. Like I said... that hospital rocked! Anyway we weren't planning on getting the pictures there since they're so expensive but Rachelle offered to buy them for us for an early Christmas gift which was so nice. All the pictures turned out really great which was a pleasant surprise because most newborn pictures I've seen just aren't that great. The one we chose is the one at the top of this post. Isn't it precious?! After the pictures were done everyone else left and Robert and I finished up all the discharge papers, I got my staples pulled out and on our way home we were. I was amazed at how fast we got out of there. Even though the Doctor told me I was gonna be able to go home that day I didn't think it would be until that evening. Seriously... if you ever have a baby you need to do it at Banner Gateway with my Dr.! On our way home we stopped at Walgreens to drop off my prescription and Whataburger for some food and then we were home sweet home! Soon after we got home and I fed my sweet son Baily got there just in time for her nap. Robert and Baily went and took a nice long nap which they both needed so that was good. While I was feeding Joaquin Alex went and got my much needed pain killers. I waited a little too long in between doses and I was feeling a lot of pain by the time I finally got them so I popped those suckers quick. How did people ever survive before they had pain killers? Anyway since I didn't get to eat my lunch from Whataburger (Baily ate it for me), Alex and Fran went and got Panda Express and brought me some. While they were out I enjoyed a nice visit with my Abuelita. After Alex and Fran got back and we ate (Gerald and Rachelle were out with her brother and shopping and stuff), my uncles Kenny and Tim showed up from Tucson. Again... feeling the love from my family big time. It was so nice of them to come by. We all enjoyed visiting for quite a while and then they all left. Robert and Baily went to the store I think (I can't remember for sure) so I got a nice, long, much needed nap. My milk came in about this time and the lapse in between pain killers pretty much did me in for a while. After I woke up me and my family (Robert, Baily, Joaquin and I) had a nice dinner that a friend from my ward brought. It's so nice to have meals brought in by the Relief Society after having a baby and I'm so grateful for this service. Baily had been doing so, so great with adjusting to having a new brother and bringing him home but I think by later that night it finally got to her and she had a tantrum for about 10 minutes. Once she calmed down though she was ok for the rest of the night. It broke my heart because I know how hard it must be for her to have everything change. But she's been doing so much better than I expected. She's an awesome big sister and loves her brother so much. I'm so proud of her. It was a long hard day but it was so good to be home. There's truly no place like home!!


Emily Loria said...

That picture is priceless! I love it!

Malissa said...

Good night...I guess you were having blogging withdrawals!! I just thought you had the 3 new ones...but oh now...I keep scrolling down!! What a great journal for you and your kids!!