Monday, December 17, 2007

A Day of Firsts

What a wonderful day it's been today and once again I'm completely overwhelmed with gratitude for all the tender mercies of the Lord in my life! We've had a lot going on but it's still been pretty relaxed. We all slept in so we woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Baily woke up in a really good mood which doesn't happen that often so when she does it always gets our day off to a great start. We all got some much needed showers and baths this morning so it was nice to not be a bunch of stinkers. Joaquin had his first bath and he did great. It was only a sponge bath since we have to wait for his circumcision to heal and his umbilical cord to fall off before we can give him a real bath. Baily was a great little helper as well. He smelled sooo good afterward and looked so adorable with his fuzzy hair. Is he not the cutest baby boy ever?! After we all got cleaned up Robert and Baily went to go get us some good ol' Taco Bell for lunch. While they were gone I made some calls and ended up experiencing some financial miracles that just testified to me even more of the showers of blessings that come from tithing. I won't get into particulars but miracles happened and huge burdens were lifted off our shoulders and I'm so, so grateful. We also recieved a huge package from my dad and step-mom of Christmas gifts and it was like Santa came early. Baily was so excited as she was putting them all under the tree and Robert and I were just grateful to finally have presents to actually put under the tree. We are so blessed to have the best family ever! Later on we all went to the Dr. for Joaquin's first check-up. We ended up seeing Robert's sister and husband along with Bryan and Tyler. Poor little Tyler is sick so he was there to see what's wrong. Poor little guy. Baily was excited to see her cousins though. She was anxious the whole time we were waiting and kept asking to please go because she thought we were there for her to get shots. She ended up waiting in the waiting room with her cousins while Joaquin had his check-up so she was really relieved. The check-up went pretty well. I forgot to mention earlier but the Pediatrician in the hospital noticed a small heart murmur in Bubba but he told us it was very common in newborns and not to worry about. So we were very relieved when our Dr. didn't hear the murmur at the check-up today. However Bubba is a little bit yellow and is at risk for having jaundice which is a bummer. Baily had it really bad and she had to go under the lights at the hospital when she was born. The Dr. said Bubba's isn't bad enough to go to the hospital but we have to keep an eye on it for the next couple of days. And I'm so annoyed that I have to give him formula every other feeding for the next 2 days since breast milk doesn't help prevent jaundice. It really messed up my nursing with Baily when we had to give her formula but so far it hasn't seemed to cause any problems with Joaquin which I'm grateful for. I just hope the yellowness goes away and we won't have to worry about all this jaundice nonsense anymore. The rest of the day went by pretty well. We had another nice dinner that was great and I finally got the house all picked up and cleaned. It was driving me crazy how messy the house had gotten these past couple of days. Then we had FHE. We just read the First Presidency message by Pres. Hinckley about our little ones from the December Ensign. It gave us the greatest perspective to read it while looking at the 2 beautiful little ones of our own. I loved reading this article again, especially with my husband this time. After that we got back to reading family scriptures and having family prayer again which is always wonderful. Baily hadn't had a nap all day and ended up having another major tantrum which was not fun but she eventually passed out. After feeding my boy I finally had time to catch up my blog as you can tell which is another big load off my shoulders. It's been killing me to be so far behind and I'm glad I'm finally caught up. Hope you've all enjoyed my novel!! I'm so very blessed and so grateful for my family!!!


Tamie said...

look at all that HAIR!!!! gotta love of mine had a lot of hair...the othe, hardly cute. and y'know, i'm not sure that i ever want a c-section. staples, yuck! i'm glad you're doing well. i found out as well, that i did much better with my second than my first.

Malissa said...

He is so cute!! All my kids had a slight heart murmur at birth, and all healed themselves just worries! Did the doc tell you to strip him down and lay him near a window with alot of sunlight?? That is suppose to help. Yay for tithing blessings!!