Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas With My Sibs

Yesterday started off a little bit hectic but ended up being a fabulous day. Zach and Kenzie were dropped off around 9:00 and my brother Alex had gotten here late the night before for our Christmas celebration with all my mom's posterity. It was sooo great to all be together. When they got here Beau and Eben made a yummy egg and ham biscuit breakfast. We had to hurry up so we would make it to my Aunt's on time to have a phone call with my mom. My mom hasn't been able to talk to Zach and Kenzie in over a month and it's been killing her so it was really important that they get to talk to my mom. On the way there Zach kept saying he didn't feel well and asked me to pull over. I wasn't sure if he was faking it or not, but when I pulled over and he puked everywhere I was so grateful I took his word for it. Poor little guy... but at least he fell better when he puked and we were glad to know he wasn't faking being sick. The phone call with my mom was wonderful. I only got to talk to her for like a minute but she was happier than I've heard her in months and that just warmed my heart. I hate when she's sad and depressed but when she's happy it's so great. After we got home it was present time. My mom sent some awesome stockings she made filled with goodies that she shared about her prison life. We were cracking up at some of the stuff she sent us... especially Beau's used toothbrush. While we were going through our stockings we listened to a tape my mom made with a Christmas message for each of us of her posterity and it was so great to here. I think we were all in tears at the heartfelt message she had for each of us. We also opened up the gift she sent each of us of a beanie and scarf she crocheted. They were awesome and we all loved them. Zach also got to open up the X-Box my mom worked really hard to earn for him and can you say excited?! He was so happy and he wouldn't set that thing down after he opened it. So our little Christmas ended up being awesome and I'm so grateful for that. After their dad picked them up I fed my son and got my baby girl down for a nap. Then me and my siblings went to Target for a little more Christmas shopping. I found exactly what I needed and it wasn't as crowded as I thought. We came home and I fed my baby and got him settled and made my grocery list. Baily went with Beau, Eben and Alex on some errands they had to run so I could get my grocery shopping done. I really wanted to have all my shopping done before Monday on Christmas Eve. So I was off to Wal-mart and got my shopping done with a huge sigh of relief. After I got home I needed to feed my baby again. Everyone ate dinner and while they were watching a movie I got some stuff of my own done. While Robert was putting Baily to sleep we decided to play May I?. It's a family card game that we've been playing for years and we were long overdue for a good game of May I?. Plus we had to teach it to Eben so she could officially be part of the family. We were all so tired and if anyone would have seen us they probably would have thought we were drunk. Poor Eben had an itchy face and the rest of us just looked pathetic. We were laughing hysterically at the stupidest things but it felt soooo good to laugh like that. I love spending this kind of time with my family. We didn't make it through the whole game- we skipped a couple of hands- but we had a blast. Alex won because he cheats (lol Alex). And Robert never made it out to play with us since Baily fell asleep pretty late. But we had so much fun and I love my family so much! What a wonderful day!!

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