Saturday, December 22, 2007

Going Red

Friday was a bit of a rough day for me. I dropped off Robert at work because I thought I would need it later in the day for plans that we had with my little brother and sister. We were planning on them spending the night and having our Christmas with them but it didn't exactly happen as we planned. The daytime went pretty well and pretty uneventful if I remember correctly. I started feeling uncomfortable and a lot of pain which I found out later was a UTI. Yuck! No fun!! So later on in the day I got a call from my little brother saying he wasn't comfortable staying at my house and didn't want to spend the night. That was really hard to hear and I felt awful about it... my feelings were really hurt. Anyway there was a lot of drama and it ended up being really stressful. I was really glad to have Beau here to go through this with me because I know he was feeling exactly how I was feeling. In the end though it worked out ok... my little brother and sister just decided to come over on Saturday for our Christmas and not spend the night. It was a bummer but ok. So our night was left open. I went and picked up Robert and when we got back we had some good ol' Digiorno's for dinner. After dinner Beau and Robert gave me a blessing for my UTI. I was feeling it big time and was in a lot of pain and discomfort. Robert gave me a beautiful blessing and I know it came directly from my Heavenly Father because it addressed exactly what I was feeling and having issues with. I'm so grateful to have family who worthily hold the Priesthood that can be used for my benefit whenever I need it. So after I got my blessing Eben graciously dyed my hair for me. I'm embarrassed to admit but I had a huge gray stripe of hair so I really needed to get rid of it. I'm only 24 for crying out loud! Anyway I decided to go for red and it ended up being great. Eben did a great job and I really love my new color. I feel like one hot momma! Later on that night I ended up calling my Dr. and he called in a really strong antibiotic for me which Robert went and picked up. I was out after I took it. So Friday was pretty rough for me but again, I'm so grateful for the help and support I had to get through it. Heavenly Father really does use His children as instruments to bless us and I'm so grateful I have so many willing to be used as instruments in His hands to bless and help me in my life! Oh and BTW... I just want to mention that my son has definitely got the peeing on his mommy thing down. I was warned about boys being sprinklers and Joaquin definitely fills that responsibility well... lol!

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