Monday, December 10, 2007

Spiritually Fed

Yesterday was such a nice Sabbath day and I felt truly spiritually fed. We had a good, hearty breakfast of ham and eggs and just took our time getting ready for Church. Sacrament meeting was so awesome. One of the speakers is one of neighbors that lives on our street. Her talk was about the Savior and it was so powerful and strong. She lost her son on a scouting trip accident when he was 15 a couple of years ago and she talked a lot about how the Savior has given her comfort through the hard times that have come as a result of his death. One thing she said that stuck with me so strongly was "Who is this Jesus Christ where just the very thought of Him can change how we feel and change our whole perspective?" It was such a powerful statement. I remember during Sacrament meeting looking over at Robert with Baily on his lap and being so patient and coloring with her and just feeling an overwhelming feeling of love for him and Baily and feeling like my cup truly runneth over with blessings. It was then that I had the thought of how I was being spritually fed. The rest of the day went by nice and so peaceful and I carried that sweet Spirit with me all day. We had a comforting meal of broccoli cheese soup and homemade rolls for dinner and then for FHE we drove around looking at Christmas lights and singing Christmas carols. After we got home we had some warming hot chocolate along with cookies and banana bread... it was actually pretty chilly last night so it was nice to have hot chocolate and not be sweating. Then we started watching the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 movie but Baily was really fussy so I put her to sleep early. She fell asleep in about 2 minutes since she hadn't had a nap. Me and Robert fell asleep really early too... like 9:30 and then I woke up to go potty and it was all over. I couldn't fall asleep after that for like 3 hours and it was so annoying. My mind was on overdrive and wouldn't shut up. I suppose this is how it will be until my son arrives! But all in all it was a fabulous Sunday and I'm so grateful to have been spiritually fed!

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