Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas With The Browns

On Saturday we woke up, packed up, got all nice and ready and headed up to Show Low for our Christmas/New Year's vacation with my family. It was a little hectic but we were only an hour later than we planned in getting on the road. Once we got there we just relaxed and hung out. The kids did awesome on the trip but Joaquin was definitely ready to eat once we got there. Later on all the family started showing up for our Christmas celebration. Alex got home from work, Gerald and Rachelle came over and Beau and Eben and her sister showed up. We ate some yummy stew that my Abuelita had cooking in the crockpot all day that was oh so comforting and then it was present time. We started drawing names a couple years ago to help with money issues so we opened up the gifts from the names that were drawn. Baily and Joaquin made out like bandits once again and we s-p-o-i-l-e-d! They got lots of cool stuff as well as Robert and I. We're so blessed to have such generous and loving family. After the present frenzy we enjoyed some delicious homemade pumkin pie along with homemade whipped topping from my Abuelita and it was sooo good. After that we just hung out- some people watched a movie, others just chatted and laughed. We were pretty beat after the long day so we all crashed pretty fast. It was a wonderful late Christmas with my Brown side of the family- it was great to all be together. I love the holidays!!

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