Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Yep. That's what I am alright. Tired. I didn't get hardly anything accomplished yesterday. We did get our visiting teaching done for the month which is a nice relief. We wanted to get it done early before Bubba comes. The visits were shorter than usual since it was during the day and I had Baily with me but they were still good visits. I'm so lucky to have such a diligent, faithful partner. I did back out on our 3rd appointment yesterday evening though because I was having pretty strong, painful contractions and I was just plain pooped. I finished folding Bubba's laundry but that's about it as far as the organizing stuff goes. I read with Baily a lot and took a nice long 2 hour nap with her which was super nice. I never take naps and even if I did it wouldn't be that long because Baily usually only naps for like an hour. So I was grateful for the rest yesterday. I did manage to make some beef stew that was nice and warm and comforting. After Robert got home and we ate we went on another walk to look at the new lights that have gone up. I have to confess that the reason I have been going on so many walks lately even though I've been extremely tired is for my desire to go into labor early. I want this baby out of my body!! It was a nice little walk and we had some yummy hot chocolate afterwards. After watching the Polar Express 3 times a day it really puts you in the mood for hot chocolate! Then we started the BOM over for our family scriptures and after family prayer I passed out so fast. I was planning on putting Baily to sleep and then doing more organizing but yeah... that didn't happen. Maybe I'll get more energy today. We shall see.


Emily Loria said...

Hope a speedy delivery is coming your way Sarah. Those big baby boys just LOVE to hang out and take forever. My Joshie was a 9 pound chunk that just would not get out!

Becca said...

One more week! I can't wait to squish that baby! Hang in there!