Saturday, December 08, 2007


I'm not a big fan of yesterday. It was really quite boring. I should have taken Robert to work so I would have had the van and I could have at least taken Baily to the park or to a playland at McDonalds or something. But we're trying to save on gas so I didn't. However yesterday did have the weather that I appreciated. It was cloudy and nice and cool and overcast all morning and then started raining in the afternoon and kept going all night. I love it! Baily and I watched videos, did laundry, made brownies and rolls, read books, played with her toys. But when you're stuck inside the entire day you can only do so much before you get bored and stir crazy. Robert brought Barro's home for dinner which was ok. I didn't really feel like eating. And that was the last of any spare money we had until next Friday so that stinks. But him and Baily have to have their pizza every After we ate Baily and I were about to go crazy so we went to Safeway just to get out of the house. Not very exciting but it was good to just get out for a half hour. We let Baily drive the car cart around the store while Robert and I enjoyed adult conversation. No... I don't mean that kind of adult conversation- naughty people! I just mean I was able to have a nice conversation that wasn't with a 2 year old. You miss that during the day. After we got home we watched the movie Deck the Halls. It was cuty and silly- pretty predictable. And that was about it for our boring day. Aren't you glad you wasted time reading about it? Love ya'!


Cordova Family said...

I kinda enjoy boring days! You better love them 5 days there will be no more boring days!! Breakfast was fun! I'm glad we finally did something!!

eeyore1982 said...

Hey Sarah! I just wanted to let you know I am back to blogging again. I tried to message you last night but you must not have been at your computer. Well I hope you had a better day today. Love you!