Tuesday, December 18, 2007

3 Years and Going Strong!!!

Tuesday was Robert and I's 3rd Anniersary. Crazy, crazy... time has flown by since we've been married. It probably has something to do with the fact that we got pregnant our wedding night and now have 2 kiddos... just maybe. But I just have to say that these past 3 years have been the best of my life and I love my husband so much. He's my everything and I'm so grateful I have him for all eternity!! Besides it being our anniversary it was a totally emotional day for me. The morning started off fine, Baily was in a pretty good mood. She was being pretty silly and decided she wanted to have a tail attached to her and wear these black Sunday shoes all morning. It was pretty funny looking but she loved it. Later on in the day I think she had had it with trying to be a big girl and doing so well with all the adjustments. She got really jealous of the time I was spending with Joaquin and decided she didn't want anything to do with me... it totally broke my heart. I'm so grateful she loves her daddy so much but when she only wants him it just kills me. She spent a lot of one on one time with him going to the store and to Del Taco to play with her cousins so it was nice in that I was able to rest. But I really missed that bond we have on Tuesday. Then I went to my Aunt's house so I could talk to my mom and that was a very, very emotional phone call. It was the first time I was able to talk to her after having the baby and I was missing her so, so much. She was also having a really hard time as well with missing me and all her kids and just going through a lot of hard stuff so that always makes it hard on me to know she's suffering. So after I got home, after Baily totally shunned me I was a crying, blubbering mess. Robert was so sweet and loving with me and I appreciated that so much. He pointed out that he knows how I felt because Baily not really shunned Robert all the time but always chose me over him. It helped me to know he knew how I was feeling. He wanted to take me out to dinner and a movie that night for our anniversary but I couldn't stand the thought of leaving my little baby for that long so I agreed to a quick dinner. He got me a beautiful rose and card and I got him (actually someone else picked it up for me and I still owe them... sorry!!) the hardback book of The Count of Monte Cristo which he's been wanting forever. They were simple gifts but we were both happy. For dinner we had to go to Mango's of course... where it all started- the place of our first date. It was nice to get out for 20 minutes and have some nice alone time with the love of my life. We look like total scrubs and some people may think it was a lame anniversary celebration but we just had a baby 5 days before and it didn't matter to us because we were happy. I was anxious to get home so it was a quick dinner. I was happy to get back and Baily was in a better mood by then so that helped. We rented the Simpsons (really romantic, huh?... lol) and we got through about half of it before we both passed out. We're quite the party animals, let me tell ya'. We didn't even drink our sparkling cider in our fancy glasses like we have done for our other 2 anniversaries. Oh well... it was a great anniversary for us and I'm just so grateful for the most wonderful, loving, understanding husband ever!!!

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Emily Loria said...

Happy Anniversary! Look at those adorable kids, what a blessing you have! Congratulations!