Monday, December 17, 2007

Recovering & Feeling Loved

Friday was a day of recovering and of feeling so loved and supported. I was able to get myself up and showered in the morning which was amazing... all my nurses were so amazed at how fast I was recovering. It felt good to shower and get all cleaned up and out of those horrid hospital clothes. I was able to get some scripture reading in and some good prayer time which felt great. And I also enjoyed eating my room service (that's right... this hospital has room service!) breakfast. Real food is soooo good after a liquid diet. Then later my Abuelita, Fran and Alex showed up to visit after coming down from Show Low. I am so glad they came. It was Fran's birthday and they got to go to the Andrea Bocelli concert that night so I'm glad it turned out to be a great birthday for Fran. I love this part of my family so much and was so grateful to have them there for the support. A little bit after they showed up I had a whole slew of visitors. My cousin Becca, our RS President, Gerald and Rachelle and Robert and Baily all showed up about the same time. It was a little crazy but like I said I felt so loved and so grateful to have so many family and friends who care about me and my family. Later on everyone pretty much left except Alex and he just hung out with me and helped me out. I got a good nap in and enjoyed some bonding time with my sweet boy. He's seriously the sweetest little thing! Alex left a little later and then Robert and Baily came back with his mom and Andre. She hadn't flown back in from Florida until late the night before and had to work all that day so this was the first chance she got to see Joaquin. Baily was pretty restless and unfortunately the hospital isn't exactly baby or child proof so they didn't stay that long. After they left I was treated to some delicious take-out from Chili's that Gerald and Rachelle brought to me. Even though it's nice to have room service in the hospital and the food is much better than any other hospital I've ever been to it's still not the best food in the world. So I scarfed my Chili's meal... thanks Gerald and Rachelle. After they left I had more time for R&R and I took it. I felt really well and hardly any pain. It was a great day!

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Malissa said...

That really is a great room!! I'm so excited for you!!