Monday, December 03, 2007


Yesterday was just a nice and simple, lovely fast Sunday. I woke up early and got some things done that I had been putting off so I would not have to worry about the rest of the day. I had time to catch up on some of my scripture reading. I was bad last week and didn't make the time to read my scriptures and I got behind on my schedule. So it was nice to do a lot of BOM reading and get that spiritual boost that always comes from reading from it's powerful pages. There were a lot of changes announced during Sacrament meeting including a new YM President and a new Relief Society Presidency. I was shocked because it seemed totally unsuspected but I felt a huge sense of gratitude to the sisters released and a loving acceptance for the new sisters called. The released sisters will be missed and the newly called, I have not a doubt in my mind, will be great. Sacrament meeting was wonderful and I felt the Spirit so strongly... especially while I partook of the Sacrament. I'm so grateful for this sacred ordinance and to be able to partake of it weekly. Their were strong and simple and sweet testimonies born and I felt refreshed and uplifted. Relief Society was awesome as well. Our released RS President gave the lesson and it was about focusing on the real meaning of Christmas. She's always given such wonderful lessons and this one was no exception. She had a couple of sisters read some beautiful stories and as you can imagine, everyone was crying and sniffling. I'm sure the emotions of just the change in Presidency didn't help either. Anyway my favorite story that really inspired me was called The White Envelope. Here's the link I found to the story. Read it!! It's so good. I totally think we're gonna start this as a new Christmas tradition in our family. I've been trying to come up with ways to really focus on the Savior this Christmas season and on traditions that will bring the true meaning alive to my family and it was like a lightbulb when this story was read yesterday. After Church we just rested and relaxed. I wasn't feeling all too well and really wanted to just rest. For dinner we actually did our Sunday tradition of breakfast for dinner and had some scrumptious ham and eggs. It was delish! After dinner we went for another walk and Baily had a blast. She looks so cute all bundled up like the little Eskimo baby she is. I felt truly grateful for such a wonderful Sabbath yesterday!


Emily Loria said...

Little miss Baily looks so cute in her big coat!

Cordova Family said...

I loved church yesterday....I wish i coulda stayed in RS, I couldn't hear the white envelope story cause it wasn't read into the microphone!! But I will read it from your link! Baily looks adorable all bundled up!!