Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Today started off a little bit slow. I had to take Robert to work since I needed the van today. On the way home I stopped for a little Taco Bell action. After we got home I just took it easy and took my time getting things done. I finished picking up and what not and then I read my scriptures. I also finally finished reading all the conference talks (I still want to re-read the RS general meeting talks again though) and that gave me a good spiritual and emotional boost to get my day going. I loved Elder Tenorio's talk called The Power of Godliness Is Manifested in the Temples of God. It was so sweet and I can remember when I heard him give this talk how humble and sweet he was as he told of his personal experiences. I also really liked Elder Oaks talk called Good, Better, Best. I always love his talks. I loved how I felt after reading all these talks that my family is the most important priority I'll ever have and that I already have grasped this concept and am really doing my best in putting my family first. After I finished reading I got Baily Bug down for her nap and then I got to work. I finally finished cleaning out our computer/guest/storage/Bubba's room room. It was a complete wreck mostly due to the lack of space. The storage bins I got really helped me get things a little organized. I also got all Bubba's clothes and
stuff put away and found a place for everything. Thank goodness Baily took another long nap today. After she woke up it was time for me to go to my final Dr.'s appointment before Joaquin makes his big entrance into this world. I had to leave Baily with my MIL since they were going to do a physical exam and I'm pretty sure that would have freaked the crap out of Baily. The baby seems healthy and guess what? I'm already dilated 2cm! So my baby boy could be here sooner than we're planning on... fingers crossed! When I left the Dr. told me he'd see me in a week or maybe sooner. I left feeling like I was on cloud 9... giddy and excited. That's when my emotions hopped on a crazy roller coaster. I went from being excited to freaking out and feeling like I was so not ready and had so much more to get done. Then I felt fine and almost euphoric. I was just so happy and in such a good mood when I got home. I decided to take Baily to the park. She had a blast of course. This time she was all about the swing and I pushed her for about 20 minutes. It was a good time. We came home and I made a yummy spaghetti dinner. We watched tv while we ate which I usually never allow but was in such a calm, cool mood. After dinner I decided to go get the last minute things I need for the baby before we had to go pick up Robert at work. While we were in the car on our way to Wal-Mart some guy pulled in front of me and I almost hit him and got in a wreck. That was like a trigger for me to get in the worst mood. I was so mad and continued to be mad the whole time we were in Wal-Mart. Everyone was getting on my nerves and I just felt so irritable. Baily wasn't even doing anything and I was being irritable with her. I felt like I was watching myself and knew I was being so witchy with a capital B but I couldn't help it. So I pulled the cart into a remote shoe area and prayed for help. We made it through Wal-Mart and as we were driving to pick up Robert I was feeling better emotionally. But then the contractions started and they hurt sooo bad. When we got to Robert's work I told him he better drive. The contractions continued until we got home and then I switched to sprinter mode. I didn't care about the contractions. I just knew I had to get everything done and ready... NOW! I can't even explain the sense of urgency I was feeling- it was out of control. So I was going around like a mad woman finishing up cleaning and organizing and putting things away. I even packed the hospital bag for Bubba and started on mine. It was like a mini-sprint for me for about an hour and when it was all done I calmed down. It was craziness. Robert went to go play church ball but it was cancelled and I have to be honest that I was relieved. We got ready for bed and right as we turned on a video for Baily she went into tantrum mode. Holy cow! That girl went crazy! She hasn't thrown a tantrum like that in forever and I'm not even sure what it was all about. She finally calmed down and passed out and once she was asleep I was able to de-stress and calm down. And now here I sit... tired beyond all explanation but not able to sleep. I'm so ready for this baby to be born already. Sorry about the long post... thanks for tuning in to today's diary of a mad, pregnant woman!

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Janel said...

Hey girl, sorry I've been MIA!! We have GOT to get together before bubba gets here, so send me your phone number to my e-mail and I can come get you for lunch next week!