Friday, December 07, 2007

It's the Final Countdown!

That's right folks... we're down to our1 week countdown! I tried uploading the music video "It's the final countdown" but blogger was being retarded. So you'll just have to imagine you're listenting to that song as you read the blog! Anyway, today was a good day. It was my last park day until Bubba comes and it was good times. I hitched a ride once again with my pal Malissa. She probably gets sick of chaffeuring me around along with all my other friends but I appreciate it so much. We got to stay for quite a while and Baily had so much fun. Us moms enjoyed chatting it up and cracking up at our crazy kids. Baily got to go flying off the swing and got a face full of dirt so that was fun... it really was hilarious. And we got a nice show of how to pee under a slide. Good times, good times. There's nothing like being a mom! Aren't all these kiddos so cute?! If we end up moving I'm gonna feel so bad for taking Baily away from all her little friends. And sad for me for leaving all my friends. It'll be ok though.

After the park I went with Malissa back to her casa and our friend Sicily met us there. We were gonna go to Ikea but we ended up just hangin' out for a couple of hours. It was fun and I hope Malissa didn't mind us intruding. Sicily brought me and Baily home and we just chilled for a little bit. Baily was so tired since she didn't have a nap but it was too late in the day so I didn't let her sleep. I let her help me in the kitchen to keep her up. I made some banana bread for my MIL and kept a loaf for us. Then I made some chicken salad croissant sandwiches. I was gonna make the broccoli cheese soup but I ran out of time before Robert got home. We ate as soon as he got home. It was muy bien! Then we went to drop some stuff off at DI and then to the temple lights for our late FHE. Baily fell asleep in the van on the way there and was a little grumpy at first but as soon as we got out and started walking around she fell in love with all the lights. She was so mad when we left. It was so cute... she was all reverent and sweet when she saw the nativity set and the baby Jesus. I love how reverent she is whenever we talk about our Savior. After we left we came home and had some delicious banana bread and hot chocolate. I actually gave her the hot chocolate this time instead of just chocolate milk and she loved it. Robert and Baily put together the new double stoller and then we had family scriptures and prayers. Then it was another round of Polar Express and we all passed out. I had to get up to go pee and I couldn't fall back asleep so here I am blogging once again. Today was such a good day though. I'm really glad I stopped baby-sitting when I did and am enjoying all this bonding time with my sweet girl and husband. And it's nice to be able to get what I need done and do what I want to do without having to worry about another little one. One more week!!


Cordova Family said...

I will never get sick of chaueffering you! I love having an adult in the front seat with me!! And we love Baily, she does no wrong!! I had so much fun hangin with you girls yesterday!! And I'm glad you had fun!! Those chicken salad sammy's looked delicious!! We have yet to do the temple lights this year, but I'm sure it's right around the corner!! One week, well now only 6 days!! AAAAWWWWWW! I'm so excited!!

Alex said...

You all sound excited about the new bebe, eh? I know you all are. Me too. I may have to come down with Gma and Francine. I was just cast in another show that has a read-through Thursday night, but I want to come down on Wednesday, like we planned. I'll try to work it out. Love you sista!

Tamie said...

wow..keep moving b/c i think that if you stopped, you wouldn't be able to get going again. but you're in for the countdown, eh? wow, it sure would be nice if he came early, eh? (my second was five days early...that was a very nice surprise especially since he was born at the end of august) good luck!!! can't wait to see pictures of bubba.

Emily Loria said...

I love when the Mesa Temple Grounds are all lit up for Christmas. They don't do that in Dallas, it's sad!

Hope your little man comes soon. (and early, you poor thing... I hate that last trimester.)