Thursday, December 20, 2007

Family Love

Wednesday was a much, much better day for me. Baily woke up in a much better mood and I was so relieved and happy when she decided she loved me again. She had fun in the morning playing some XBox with her daddy. It was his last day off from his vacation he took for the baby being born so she had to take advantage of all the time she could with him. After getting cleaned up and what not my cousin Lindy stopped by to see the baby. It was a good visit even though Baily was a little naughty. She was being really protective of her brother. It was nice of Lindy to come visit... I love having family around. Later on that day my brother Beau and his fiance Eben came to stay for the rest of the week. I was so excited about this visit. Beau is one of my very, very best friends and when he moved to Utah I hated it since he's so far away and we hardly get to see each other any more. So I had been looking forward to this visit for a long time. They got here right as I was feeding the baby and as Robert was trying to get Baily down for a nap. But as soon as I was done feeding him Beau was anxious to get acquainted with his new and only nephew. I had to make a quick trip to my Dr. for a check-up but was back within half an hour. Everything at the Dr.'s went well and he said he was happy to see that I was healing and doing well so fast so I was grateful for that. After I got home the rest of the day was pretty much just spent catching up with Beau and Eben and enjoying some quality family time. I have to say that I love Eben so much and am sooo excited for her to be a part of our family. She and Beau are so perfect for each other and she totally fits right in with our family. I'm excited to have her as a sister! Baily was excited after a period of getting reacquainted to have Beau and Eben over as well. She took full advantage of some play time with them and had a blast. We had another good dinner brought in for us which was nice. Then Beau and Eben cleaned up the kitchen for me and continued to clean for me for the rest of the time they were here. I was happy and so grateful to be surrounded by some of my family all day Wednesday so it was a great day!

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