Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Sunday

Today was a pretty lazy day for me. Beau and Eben left early this morning to go back up to Utah. It was sad when they left... I'm really gonna miss them. It always feels so good for me when I'm around my family and it's been great having them around these past couple of days. And they were such a great help. I love you guys! Alex got to stay until about 5 which was great to have him around. I feel so bad though because I was such a bump on a log today and he was probably so bored. I got Baily ready for church this morning in her special Christmas dress and she looked so beautiful and precious. She was a little bit grumpy as might be able to tell but I still thinks she's adorable. Don't you agree?!

While her and Robert were at Church I took a nice, long, much needed nap. Then I watched a little tube with Alex. When they got home from Church Baily was so happy. She had a great time at church as she usually does and she made this so cute Christmas ornament and got a really sweet gift from her nursery leaders that she was all excited about. It was a sort of yearbook with pictures of all the kids from her nursery class along with what descriptions of what they like. It was so cute and so nice of them to do that for the kids. Alex left a little bit after they got home and I'm really gonna miss him too. It's a good thing I'll get to see them all again next week. After he left the house felt so empty. Baily and I watched the Grinch on tv and just enjoyed some one-on-one time with each other. She was such a sweetheart and it felt so good to have that special bonding time with her. Robert made some spaghetti for dinner and then we just vegged after that. We put Baily to sleep and now here we are. I've been blogging my brains out (not a good idea to put it off for so long!) and Robert's been working as Santa and putting Baily's Santa present together. You're gonna have to wait to see the pictures though! It's been quite the busy week but it's been wonderful and I have so much to be grateful for... mostly my family!!


Becca said...

Baily looks so cute in her dress. I got the same dress for Brooke for Laurens wedding because her colors are red/black/silver. I thought it was a smoking deal for that price. I love WAL MART! Glad you got some time with your family, I hope I get over this congested thing quick, I want to hold your baby!

Logan & Lindy said...

Ok you guys looked like you had so much fun!!! I love all the stuff your mom made that is so awesome!!! Love love Joaquin in his hat so cute!!! Did your mom make it??? He is so cute!!!
Thanks for Letting me come over and hold him!!!

Julie said...

What a sweet Christmas Dress for Baily. Family makes Christmas, this ws the first year my Sis and I have been apart:( So we did an early Chrstmas also. Merry First Chritmas Baby Joaquin!