Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Joy and a Moody 2 year Old!

We had a very nice and simple Christmas at home this year. There was a lot of joy and I really enjoyed having time to really think a lot about the whole reason for the holiday- my Savior Jesus Christ and how grateful I am for His birth. We woke up Christmas morning with 2 very excited parents and a very moody little girl. First, here's the pics I didn't want to show before of Baily's gift before, during and after it was made.
It was in a million pieces. I knew what to expect though after reading a lot of reviews. Most of the reviews I read said it would take 4-6 hours to put together but my manly man only took 2 hours. Way to go babe! He was so proud afterwards to. Anyway after we woke up Robert ran out to have the camera ready and after I got Joaquin all "Santaed" up we were on our way to the living room to see what Santa left. Well you can watch her reaction... not exactly what we were hoping for. Oh the joys of having a moody 2 year old! After not too long though she was checking out her new kitchen and playing with it like crazy. She didn't even want to open up the rest of her presents- she would get annoyed with us every time we asked her to open one up because it would take away time from her playing with her new kitchen set. So we let her go at her own pace. Eventually all her gifts were open and she was so confused. She didn't know whether to color, watch her new DVD, or play with which toy. It was so fun watching her- way more fun as an adult... more meaningful. We had no place to go and no agenda for Christmas for the first time I think in my life and you know what? It was great! We got to stay at home and veg out and do everything at our own pace. I took my time preparing a lovely ham Christmas dinner, we stayed in our pj's most of the day and Baily had fun playing with all her new toys. After she woke up from her nap however, watch out! She was in a foul mood. Gerald and Rachelle had to come down for a quick trip for a family need for Rachelle and they were able to stop by for a couple of hours. Baily was pretty naughty to them but they got to see the baby and have some good food at least. After they left we just did more vegging and just enjoyed Christmas together. It was simple but fabulous!

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