Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back to the Daily Grind

There's not much to say about yesterday. It was a day of trying to get back to somewhat of a routine- back to the daily grind. I think I'm starting to finally get used to the adjustment of having 2 little ones to care for instead of 1. I think I'm starting to get my groove back... I'm feeling much better- just very tired, and I spent the day doing housework and getting my house back in order after the Christmas tornado and just trying to get Baily back into her
routines for the day. It was a long day with Robert being at work until 8 and then going to play basketball after he got home from work. He did get me some McDonald's though so I forgave him for going to go play church ball. Sorry for the boring post but it was really a boring day so I can't do much with that. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!


Janel said...

Alrighty I just got all caught up on your blog again, sounds like things are going great with the baby! I'm glad you had so much help from your brother, that is awesome. Heres to an awesome New Year!!!

Becca said...

I think I would have opened the kitchen box, seen all the pieces and cried. Christmas eve I got to spend an hour cleaning our carpet because I vaccumed (I wanted my house clean Christmas morning)and I guess a piece of crayon was on my floor, because it got sucked up and melted and distributed in long stripes all over my carpet. Then I got to put Brooke's kitchen together. Which she still is not into. Glad your Christmas was great! We need to do lunch, and I still need to hold your baby. I'm all better now!

Emily Loria said...

Loved the reaction from Baily-- next year will be better! Looks like Santa brought her some great stuff, and I'm sure she is loving it now. The baby looks so cute in his Santa outfit. How adorable!