Sunday, September 30, 2007


Well today it was a harsh reality slap of no more vacation and back to every day life. We got up early, packed up and had a great breakfast that my Grandma made for us and then we were headed home. As soon as we were out of town I started feeling really nauseous and so uncomfortable it was hard to breather. Baily was so tired and couldn't get comfortable as well so she was fussy. I kept just praying the nauseous feeling would pass. Right after we got into the curvy part of the canyon Baily puked. Well that was enough to set me off and let's just say it wasn't a pretty sight. Robert couldn't pull over right away so when he was finally able to there was a horrible mess to clean up. Car sickness stinks... literally. (Sorry for the TMI!) We managed to clean up the best we could and change our clothes and Baily and I were passed out the rest of the trip home. I think it was just a combination of getting up so early and not having much sleep the past couple of days along with eating too much for breakfast. Plus the heat and curvy roads didn't help. After we got home and unloaded the car Robert had to go to work and Baily and I showered and got cleaned up. We felt much better after that. We didn't go to church because I didn't want to risk getting sick there. We really needed to rest for a while. I really missed the spiritual boost of church today though. The rest of the day we just took it easy and relaxed. I did only the necessary unpacking and laundry and saved the rest of it for tomorrow. I called a lot of family and had some nice conversations with them which is always a nice Sunday activity. Baily and I watched the last quarter of the Cardinals game and it was pretty exciting. And wouldn't you know...miracles do happen- Cardinals won! It was a big win too against the Steelers. It was so cute... Baily was cheering them on and getting excited at all the right parts. She definitely is her daddy's girl! We also hung out outside for a while. Although it was nicer than it's been the past couple of weeks it was still hot comared to the nice, brisk, cool weather in Show Low. Oh well! We watched movies and chillaxed until Robert got home around 10:30 and then Baily and Robert fell sound asleep. She had to wait until her daddy got home before she could fall asleep I guess. I love that she has such a strong relationship with Robert. Tomorrow a fresh new start to a new week and new month. I love fresh new starts! And I love October! It should be a great month!


Beau said...

Hey Sis, sounds like you had Show But hey!, Who's paying attetion anyways?! So those are some pretty good pictures you got there, it looked cold there. Im sure it stinks to go back to the valley in that not so nice heat. I love the cold!! It gives me a reason to use my blankets now when I go to bed, and, although it is not a huge problem here in utah, but it gives the girls a reason to put on some better/more clothes :)

Amalee said...

You have Twilight? Like the one by Stephanie Meyers? Tell me this is your second time reading it (or third, even!!) I took forever to be swayed into reading it, because I heard too many girls gushing over it. My respectable sister-in-law as well! So I finally read it, and swallowed up New Moon and did every thing I could to keep my mind off of the wait for Eclipse to come out. Eclipse was devoured immediately. They were/are so good. I totally love them! Did you know she (S. M.) lives in the Phoenix area? Amanda Beth said that she attends Church at the same building as one of her friends, but they are in different wards. Well, I loved hearing about your trip, and I feel so bad about the puking....ugh. Glad you made it home safe! Good pictures too! Say Hi to your family for me.
Love ya Cuz!

Alex said...

Hey sis! I can't beleive Baily puked. I told her specifically not to puke. I didn't. Oh well. It was good to have you up, even though I hardly got to spend time with you. Freaking work! Urgh!!! Oh happens. Love you!

smilingsarahbear said...

Yes Amy... I'm way behind on the Twilight scene! Sadly this is only the first time reading it. But after just reading the first chapter today I'm sure I'll be done with this and the other two from the series soon! Thanks so much for all the comments... keep 'em coming! And where is your blog- I would love to read your blog... I'm sure it would be great! Love you!