Saturday, September 01, 2007

Miracles Happen

Yesterday was ca-razy. Talk about an emotional roller coaster and it's not even because of my hormones this time. So the day started off fine enough. I knew it would be a little crazy because Fridays usually are since I have 3 little ones to tend to. And my brother, Grandma and Aunt were all coming down from Show Low this weekend for Baily's birthday party so I knew I would be doing a lot of cleaning. I purposely waited to do it yesterday so that it would be nice and fresh and clean when they came this weekend. I wasn't able to do much cleaning in the morning because none of the babies wanted to sleep that much and wanted to be fed at the same time and were pretty fussy. I got them changed and fed and happy for the most part. Then after I conquered the feat of getting them all to nap I turned my on switch on and started crazy cleaning. We're talking, Grandma the neat freak with the perfectly cleaned house is coming and I need to have my house spick and span, cleaning. In between every crevice, every appliance and speck of dirt removed cleaning. Cande was also home by then so we were happily cleaning.

Then Baily woke up and chaos started. I thought she was in a bad mood Thursday. Oh no... she was horrible yesterday. She's started getting a rash a couple of days ago that's getting worse so I think that may have been bothering her. But there was nothing I could do to make her happy. I mean she was hungry but didn't want to eat, thirsty but didn't want to drink, wanted to be held but wanted down. It was miserable. Then Mya woke up and was hungry and pretty fussy so I was trying to feed her while dealing with Baily. I was doing ok though stress wise.

Then I got a call that made my adrenaline go up to full blast. My brother Alex was on his was down from Show Low and when he called I didn't even recognize his voice. He told me that he had just been in an accident. He said he was ok but I knew he was in major shock because he was so hard to understand and wasn't making much sense. I told him I'd call him back and I immediately prayed my heart out. I called Robert and he was able to get off work early. Alex was about 2 miles out of Payson and somehow his car flipped and rolled all the way down a hill. I know it's a miracle that he's alive and nothing bad happened. I told Alex when he called to tell me he was on his way to make sure and say a prayer before he left and I'm so grateful he did. While I was trying to deal with all this Mya and Baily were being so naughty. By then my stress level was out of control and being so frustrated I knelt and prayed and lost it. I told Heavenly Father I knew he wouldn't give me anything I couldn't handle and that I couldn't handle all this by myself- that I needed help and strength. As soon as I finished praying everything seemed to calm down and work out fine. Robert's aunt picked up Mya early for me, Cande helped with Baily and Gerald and Rachelle went to go get Alex so Robert was able to come home and we were able to make it to his Uncle's viewing on time. And more than anything I was so grateful that Alex is ok. I love him so much and am just so grateful he's ok. Alex ended up going back with Gerald and Rachelle to Show Low. I was bummed because I was so excited to hang out with him and have some quality time with him. And my Grandma and Aunt decided to stay home with him and not come down this weekend to keep an eye on him which is also a bummer since I won't have any of my own family at Baily's birthday party. But in the big picture I have nothing to worry about and am really just so grateful Alex is ok and everyone's fine. And I'm sure Baily's birthday party will be great tomorrow. And my cousin is coming tomorrow so at least I will have someone from my family there. She's awesome.

After the viewing Robert and I went to Wendy's to eat. Obviously I wasn't able to make dinner with everything that was going on so we got to eat out. I haven't had fast food in about a week so it was really good and a little bit comforting. Baily was doing much better and she was excited to have french fries after so long. After that we came home and I was still kind of bummed so we went and rented some movies. We had 2 coupons for Blockbuster for free rentals, the older movies. We picked out 2 for Baily and picked out on the Indiana Jones for us. I've never seen them before- crazy I know. Well after we checked out I noticed this big sign on the counter that said something like we promise if we don't bring up the Rewards program you get a free movie. When I saw it Robert looked at me and shook his head because he knew I was going to call them on it- and I did. The guy that checked us out ended up having to give us a free movie rental and I could tell he was pretty ticked off at me. Robert says I'm so mean but hey if I can get a free movie I'm gonna take it. They shouldn't have that up there if they don't want to own up to it! The guy was mad but me and Robert got a good laugh out of it and were excited to get 4 movies for the price of 1. Go us! So we came home, popped some popcorn, drank some soda and ate some candy and had a nice little movie night. Needless to say we didn't finish the movie- we passed out before it was over. I'm just grateful I have such a comforting husband and that my brother's alive. What a day, what a day!


Tamie said...

YIKES!!! You have a life! are the wo-man. i don't think that i could have taken all that you did on Friday. What a day from you-know-what. :)
I think that sometimes it is a little difficult to remember that Heavenly Father only gives us trials that He knows that we can handle. I've struggled with that myself lately as my husband and I are going through some HUGE financial struggles (and with that comes struggles with everything else, eh?). I think the thing that works for me the nest is to try and remember to pray to be greatful for my trials and greatful that we have trials to help us prove to our Heavenly Father that we are worthy to be called His.
Elder Richard G. Scott in this last conference said about prayer (but this applies here): "Be thankful that sometimes God lets you struggle for a long time before that answer comes. Your character will grow; your faith will increase. There is a relationship between those two: the greater your faith, the stronger your character; and increased chracter enhances your ability to exercise even greater faith."
Our trials are to enhance our character and make us the person that Heavenly Father wants us to become....
well now, this just turned into a sermon, sorry about that. I think that I just wanted to let you know that I knw exactly how you feel and that sometimes it is just not easy and it does suck and I empathize greatly with your crazy-hectic day.

Becca said...

Korbin is crazy excited about tomorrow. I'm getting sick of hearing, "are we still going to the birthday party tomorrow?" For someone reason he's afraid I'm going to back out! I'm glad Alex is ok. That's so scary. We'll see you tomorrow!