Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today went pretty smoothly. Baily seemed to be in a better mood thank goodness. She did have quite the tantrum at nap time but after she woke up she was in the best mood. However she's developed this really nasty habit that makes me want to pull my hair out and scream. It's all I can do not to smack her and go crazy. I don't know if it has to do with her teething but she's started licking everything- like she has to lick her food before she bites it, she licks her toys and lately she licks me. I can not stand this. I don't know why it bothers me like it does but it just peeves me to no end. Is this normal moms? She's also spitting a lot and always has her hands or toys in her mouth. It seems like it probably has to do with teething but I don't know. I do know it needs to stop... NOW! Other than that though she really was a good girl today and so dang cute. I took some time today to just enjoy having such a sweet little girl in my home and spending time with her.

While the kiddos were napping I made the treat for FHE (which we didn't have tonight like I planned). I made frosted orange cookies- minus the frosting. I tried the frosting but didn't care for it and it made the cookies over the top too sweet. The cookies were good though. I loved the citrusy smell in the house while they were baking.

I had my 25 week check-up today with my OB/GYN. Everything looks good and he said the baby has seemed to grow a lot and seems like he'll be big. I'm not feeling so down about having to have a C-section when I think about having a big baby! I honestly feel like if he's not huge he'll at least be bigger than Baily was. I feel so much bigger than I did with Baily- in my tummy anyway. I'm not as swollen as I was with her so I don't look as fat everywhere else. I just hope it stays that way. I still have 3 more months left and I wonder where this kid's gonna fit if he keeps growing so much. I already feel like he's out of room! I'm still so excited for my sweet Bubba though!

After I got home from my appointment I made dinner and it was pretty delish. I made meatball subs which I've never done before using my own recipe I made up. I'm not a big fan at all of meatballs but these were so good- especially on the subs and with the sauce and cheese. After we ate I went visiting teaching with my partner to a new sister we got last month. We were a little hesitant because it seemed like she didn't really want us to come over but it went great. I already love this new sister and am excited to be one of her visiting teachers.

was the season premiere of The Biggest Loser and it was sooo good. I should have recorded it so we could have FHE tonight but we'll have it on Thursday instead. Anyway I'm really excited about this season. I'm already rooting for Jillian's black team. I wanted to go running and eat some grilled chicken while watching it. It's so very motivating to be healthy. The girl I couldn't stand got sent home which is cool. I really like the blue team too- especially the grandpa! It's going to be a good season. And that's about all I have for now. Tomorrow's another busy day- but I love it!

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Janel said...

I'm sure the licking is just a phase, that is wierd though. Kids in general do some pretty funny things, don't they?? I woudn't worry too much unless she's still doing it a lot in a couple weeks from now. Conrats on your dispatch testing! That is awesome, look at miss smarty!!! :D