Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Batteries Running Low

Yesterday I started off on low batteries. By the end of the day I'm pretty sure they were comletely dead. Bubba must be going through a growth spurt or something because even though I think I'm getting enough sleep I have just been drained. And yesterday was bad. Baily was pretty well behaved until bed time but Mya was fussy up and down. I pretty much only managed to get my house picked up and the laundry done.

I think it's finally going to start cooling down. Yesterday morning almost felt crisp and cool. I'm excited for Fall. It's definitely one of my favorite seasons. Unfortunately with change of seasons comes allergies. I haven't been affected yet but Robert was hit hard. He slept when he got home for a couple of hours but felt worse throughout the night. He stayed home from work today. Hopefull he feels better soon!

Last night was pretty uneventful. Our home teacher and his son came by and he shared a beautiful testimony of Christ among other wonderful thoughts. I really do love and appreciate our home teacher. He's so faithful and you can really tell he's doing all that he can to live righteously. Last night was another good night of TheBiggest Loser. My black team showed up and kicked booty! It was great. I do have to say that I really like the blue team as well. I'm glad the red team lost and that the girl I wanted to went home. She was so whiny and lazy. At least that's how it portrayed her in the show. Anyway- I love this show. When it was time to go to sleep Baily was miserable and in pain with a really bad diaper rash. I felt so bad for her. I had a hard time sleeping but even if I didn't I wouldn't have gotten a good night's sleep. She kept waking up and crying in pain. She seems to be better so far today though. Hopefully I find a way to recharge my batteries and everyone will feel better today!


collegegirl18 said...

Hey. I really love reading your blogs ya know! And just reading the last few, I have to tell you what an example you are to me. Even though I am not even close to being a mom and raising a family yet(:, you really set the example for anyone with how strong you are!You are incredible! Just wanted to let you know that....tell bailey and robert hi-if Robert even remembers "that one girl"(; haha....have a great day!

Becca said...

I'm so glad that girl got voted off too! Her complaining was really getting to me. I love The Biggest Loser!

Tamie said...

I really empathize with the whole running low on energy thing...i remember that sooooo well...take it is easy (when you can)
i enjoy parusing through the biggest looser. i mostly just watch the was nice to see th black team kick some booty! beleive it or not, my hubby and i are big america's next top modle fans....kind of unbeleivable for most people, i know...but that begins tonight and i'm thrilled. :)