Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Baby's 2!!

I can't believe my baby girl turned 2 today. The time has gone by way too fast and I miss my tiny baby girl. But I love her so much right now... take away the tantrums and she's so much fun. We didn't really have anything special planned for her today since we had her party on Sunday but I have to admit I spoiled her a lot today. She was very up and down- but I'll take that over down and naughty all day. Mya didn't come until later than usual so we had some good quality one on one time. We played, ate candy, watched movies and read some of her new books. I got her the book "Love You Forever" for her birthday. My mom read that to me and all my siblings and it's a favorite. I felt a bond not only with Baily as I read but with my mom and it brought back a lot of precious memories of her. Baily had me read it to her 3 times before I put her down for a nap so I think she likes it! I'm excited that she's finally letting me read whole books to her now!

Mya slept almost the whole time she was here and Baily took a long nap today as well. This gave me time to do my 6 loads of laundry. Why do we have so much laundry? Seriously... there's only 3 of us! And I do laundry every 4 days. I just need to be grateful that I have that much laundry to do and family to do laundry for. I washed all of Baily's new clothes and I'm so excited for her to start wearing them. She got a lot of cute new clothes for her birthday.

I had a nice surprise this afternoon. Gerald and Rachelle went to Payson today to help get things taken care of with Alex's car and stuff. They wanted me to meet them up there for lunch but I wasn't able to. They surprised me by coming all the way down here and taking us to dinner at... where else- Mimi's Cafe! It was so nice and good as always. I had the Patty Melt... mmmm. It was hard to stray away from not having my 5 way grilled cheese but I managed. Baily was fine when we first got there then displayed how old she turned by turning into a rotten 2 year old. She threw a tantrum for about 5 minutes that seemed like 30 minutes. She got better though and finally let Robert help her eat her dinner. And apparently my daughter is a huge fan of Jazz music. She was totally dancing and jamming out to it. It was like she couldn't contain herself. I guess we'll have to have a Jazz music fest here soon. I love how she has her own tastes and personality. It's developing and becoming unique more and more each day. Did I mention that I can't believe my baby's 2? Ahhhhh!!!

Tonight I actually chilled out after the laundry was done and all was in order and watched some tube. The new season of The Biggest Loser starts next week and they had an update show with a preview of the coming season tonight. So far it looks like the only promising show I'll be watching this season. It's really the only night I have available to watch tv. Anyway the new season looks really good and I'm really excited about it. Jillian is coming back and I love her. It should be pretty intense and motivating. Even though I can't do much about losing weight right now I'm excited to work hard after I have the baby and to really work on developing healthier, life-long habits now. This show is always such a great motivator. I also watched an episode of Law & Order SVU. I've always liked this show. It was pretty intense tonight. They showed a preview of next season as well which I think starts next week too. So I'm thinking Tuesday will be my night of tv shows. It's always nice to have a show or two to look forward to during the week. And I won't be watching it for the rest of the week and wasting time so I feel good about my tv choices. I know... I'm such a dork! Baily fell asleep so fast tonight. She was watching tv with us and we were talking away and all the sudden she was snoring. Robert and I were like what? I guess being 2 years old is tiring. Oh my gosh my baby's 2!!!
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Alex said...

Yep. I got mosta my crap and I wish I could have gone with them, but I was really pressed to get to class. My teaches are being so nice to me...lettin gme postpone some assignments and stuff. I wish you can come up soon. Love you all so much!