Monday, September 03, 2007

Lazy Labor Day

We didn't really have anything planned yesterday so it was just sorta go with the flow. The kids had fun in the morning. Baily played with one of her new toys that she got from her birthday party. Then Bryan and Kenzie joined in and they all had fun playing house. Baily was actually being pretty nice and sharing which is a nice break from the way she's been acting lately. After they ate (I made yummy pancakes) they got bored really fast. So we all went outside and they had a blast playing with the slip & slide. It was perfect weather for it- super hot. Matt came and picked Kenzie up around noonish so Bryan's day immediately had a dark cloud over it. Mackenzie and Bryan always have so much fun together!

After that Robert, his mom Cande, Bryan, Baily and I all took a trip to Wally World. Cande let us have one of her extra tvs they're not using to put in Baily's room. She bought her a little DVD player and we used the birthday money Baily got from her to buy the cables and stuff she needed to make it all work. I was pretty hesitant about putting a tv in her room but we're hoping it will help her sleep in her own room- which it didn't last night by the way. After Wal-Mart we came home and after I put my baby down for a nap, we went to K-Mart to try to find the cables we needed but couldn't find them. We got some grub from Taco Bell (I havent' had this forever and it was sooo good), and headed home. Baily woke up and it wasn't in a very good mood. Robert left again in search for the right cables and ended up going to Radio Shack, Best Buy and back to a different Wal-Mart and finally found them. Baily calmed down and got in a better mood thank heavens. She had fun playing in her bed (sure wish she'd sleep in it!), checking out her new tv that didn't work yet, playing with her new toys and modeling for me with her new flip flops she got for her birthday. And as you can see she didn't want to wear any pants or shorts after I changed her- and I didn't make her. I do as much as I can or don't do as much to avoid the tantrums. It was nice to have sweet Baily back for a while. And this is a video because I think she's so cute. She's known her body parts pretty much since she was about 14 or 15 months but I thought she could show you herself.

After Robert got home we had a quick FHE, another one from the Friend. We read "A Truckload of Saints." It was a cute story and we talked about how important it is to attend our meetings. We also made a re-commitment to try harder to keep the Sabbath Day holy, as in not going to the store or buying anything. These last two weeks have been weird though. Then we had leftover cake and ice cream for our treat. Then Baily and Bryan played outside for a while- I can't wait until it finally starts to cool down so they can play out there without us dying of heat! After that Baily and Bryan tried out her new tv and watched "The Tigger Movie" and ate popcorn. So all in all not a whole lot happened yesterday but it was nice and relaxing. I hope the rest of the week will go as smoothly!

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