Monday, September 17, 2007

Peace From King Benjamin

Yesterday was a much better day. Sunday night Robert was so sweet and loving to me and really helped me feel much better. Then yesterday morning during my scripture reading I felt so much peace and comfort. I'm to one of my favorite parts in the Book of Mormon- Mosiah and the story of King Benjamin. I've always loved this story. King Benjamin seems like he was so gentle and sweet and I always think of him as being like Pres. Hinckley. And when he's giving his address from the tower at the temple I always picture the Easter Pageant at the temple even though there were probably a lot more people. And I love how it says that all the people had their tents open towards the temple. It's a sign of their righteousness and righteous desires. As I read it yesterday though I felt the love that Benjamin had for his people and I really felt that same love for me from my Savior. It was such a great reading experience and really started my day off great.

The rest of the day went so smoothly. Baily and Mya were both very happy babies. Baily decided she loved me and didn't want to shun me which was nice. I didn't have a whole lot to do either so I was able to take it nice and easy. It's definitely a nice change of pace from last week's craziness.

Robert and I had a great FHE last night. We went outside to try and have some alone time, which kind of worked. We kept getting interrupted by his
nephews and mom but it was better than normal. We read an article by Spencer W. Kimball that my friend printed out for me called "Oneness in Marriage." Pres. Kimball does not beat around the bush. When he says something he means it- he lays it all out and says this is the Lord's way. It was an awesome talk and I think it made us both think about how we can draw closer together to be one. I was grateful that he mentioned the importance of being independent of your parents and being in your own home. And instead of Robert being defensive he just said he understands how I feel and he'll do everything he can so we can move into our own place as soon as possible. I honestly see him making those efforts too so it's not just talk. I included the link below for that talk and I highly recommend it. It's awesome! After we read that talk and had our discussion we had our treat that I made- candy bar brownies. It was the first time that I can remember ever making brownies from scratch. They were topped with chopped up Snickers bars. They were really good but super sweet. I think they would be better with vanilla ice cream to tame the sweetness factor a little bit. After that we took some of the brownies to one of the girls I visit teach and then we drove around looking for rental houses in our area. We didn't have much luck but it was nice to get out of the house and just be on our own. I have really felt Robert trying hard to show me that me and Baily are his number one priority which means so much to me. After we got home we read scriptures and said family prayer. I'm pretty sure we fell asleep before Baily did. She wasn't fussy or crying but she just would not go to sleep. It was a good day and I'm so grateful that it was.

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Becca said...

You write such insightful things, I admire that. I hope you guys are able to get into your house soon, I know that would alleviate alot of your stress. I need your brownie recipe....I've never made brownies from scratch before. We need to get together and do lunch or the park soon!