Friday, September 07, 2007


Yesterday was a good day. My Baily Bug was an angel all day and I love it so much when she' s like that. It was just a joy and delight to spend time with her. She had her 2 year check up yesterday with her Dr. She was really suspicious as soon as we walked in and didn't even want to let go of me to play with the toys. She cried more during the check up though than when she got her one shot. She's moved up from the 10th percentiles in height and weight to 20th for weight and 25th for height. Wahoo! She's a little over 33 inches tall and a little over 24 pounds. She checked out fine everywhere else. The Dr. said her rash might be eczema or just a different kind of skin rash. He said to just use the medicine she had for her yeast infection for a couple of weeks and it should go away. He also commented that she seems to be pretty advanced with her talking skills. And I guess at the 2 year check up is when he lets the kids get something from the goody drawer. She was still a little fussy but as soon as she saw the drawer she picked out a green lollipop and she was good to go. I'm so grateful she's healthy! She also did great with the no po-po. She cried a whiny cry for about 5 minutes at nap time and asked for her po-po a couple of times in the car but that was it. Yippee!

Last night was the start of Robert's city league softball season. We've been excited about this for a while. He's wanted to play on a league for a long time but never found a team or was invited on a team to play with. So when Dan from our ward asked if he wanted to play a while back we were stoked. He's playing with a bunch of guys from our ward and some others on the Blue Brick team. That's Dan's company. When we found out they got placed in the B league out of A-D leagues we were kinda worried they were gonna get their butts kicked. And when we saw the first team they played last night it was pretty iffy. They were all pretty young and fit looking. But I'm happy to say Team Blue Brick is undefeated so far! They did awesome last night. They won both games- the first 8-7 and the second 15-16. They were both really close games and intense up until the last innings. It was fun to watch. Baily did great even though it was pretty late. The games were at 8:30 and 9:30. I was the only fan there since most of the other wives have school kids. Baily got pretty filthy but she had fun and was a great cheerleader. Robert didn't do so great the first game but he rocked the second game. I was a proud wife. It's going to be fun to watch this season. And the weather was great- not hot but just comfortable. Oh and sorry about the crappy picture- my night setting on my camera kinda sucks. It was nice to have a good day yesterday!

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Becca said...

Kudos to you! I could never stay up that late and be supportive. I'd be like " have a nice game dear, try not to wake me when you get home!" That's cool that he's on a league and they won! Wahoo! We need to get baily and brooke together again. They are so cute!