Sunday, September 09, 2007

Busy, busy.

Today started off with a shopping trip to my second home- Wal-Mart. And I was so proud of myself because instead of going over my budget like I always do there, I was actually $2 under it! I had a lot more self control and I'm giving myself a pat on the back for it. Go Sarah!

After I got home and put the groceries away I prepared a bunch of letters to go out to my mom with tons of pictures. She's going to be so excited to get them. She's also going to freak out about how big Baily has gotten. She hasn't gotten any pictures in a long time. She's gonna love 'em! Robert had to work overtime today so he left around 12:30. I hate when he's gone on Saturdays but I'm grateful for the extra money. After he left I got Baily down for her nap (by the way- we're still golden on the no po-po!), I finished up some little jobs here and there and got started on making a huge amount of potato salad. It's good but man is it a lot of work! Cande helped me thank goodness. My hands were hurting so bad afterward. I think everyone enjoyed it at the bbq though so it was worth it.

After Baily woke up from her nap and had lunch it was time for her first ever haircut. We walked over to Great Clips and Bryan tagged along because he wanted his haircut too. I'm glad he came because I don't know if Baily would have cooperated if she hadn't seen him get his haircut first. It was like a ward party there- all the people waiting were from our ward. As you can see in the pictures she didn't smile at all but she sat totally still and didn't cry or complain at all. I was so proud of her. And she was so proud of her pretty hair afterward. We just got it trimmed up since it was so scraggly. It's got 2 layers in the back and the front is just framing her face. Here's the before, during and afters. Now it's so much easier to curl since it's not a ton of different lengths. Isn't it so cute?

Tonight we had a welcome back party for Robert's cousin Oscar at the park. He's back for a couple weeks from Afghanistan. It was at what we like to call Dominguez Family Park. I don't know the real name of it- it's on Southern between Val Vista and Lindsey. All of Robert's family functions are at this park. Last night would've been a great time to have the bbq- tonight not so much. It was pretty dang hot and the mosquitos were horrible! I swear me and Baily will probably look like we have chicken pox tomorrow. The company was good though as always. I love this family. Baily was all red from being so hot but she had a blast. She loves being around all her cousins. She enjoyed all the yummy food and kept herself somewhat cool by pouring water over herself. She also had a blast playing on the playground with Bryan and her Tio Armando. He's so sweet with her- it's so cute. He doesn't have a wife or any family of his own so I think he loves spending time with his nieces and nephews. By the time she was done playing she only wanted me or her Tio Armando. She was pretty tired and grumpy by the end though as you can see in the picture. Despite the mosquito fest and heat we had a pretty good time.

And before I forget I want to give a shout-out to my brother Beau for being awesome and having the courage to ask out a movie star. She was at the hospital he works at last night visiting her grandma and with a bunch of encouragement and nudging from all the nurses he tried to ask her out. He's usually lacking in the confidence department so this was a big step for him. He got shot down since she's kinda dating the Dodgers pitcher and all, but way to go anyway brother! I'm so proud of you and I'll never be able to watch Bring It On in the same way again! You go boy! I love ya'!

Baily and I crashed about 20 minutes after we got home from the park but I woke up after Robert got home around 10:30 and stayed up chatting with him for a while. And being the bloggaholic that I am I wanted to get this post finished. Now I'm ready to crash again.
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Tamie said...

wow! i'm not even pregnant and i got tired from hearing about your busy day! wheew!
kudos for your brother asking that girl least he did it. it is kind of like that friends episode where chandler asks that hot girl out (first season, i think). at least he can say he did it! Bailey's haircut is really cute. i'm glad that she cooperated for you, that can bew a nightmare when they don't.

Beau said...

Hey Sis! Lol, thanks for the shout out there. And honestly, I really had no problem asking her, because I didnt need to worry about being rejected cuz I basically knew I would be anyways, it was just the fact of asking her either way it turned out I wouldve been happy. Of course now I just fantasize about what would've happened if she said yes and you know, the wierdest thing goes through my head the most..."If she would have said yes then maybe I could have hooked Alex up with the chance of a lifetime of just auditioning for a major movie." Wierd eh? Anywho, have a good sunday! Love ya! ciao!

eeyore1982 said...

Hey Sarah! I figured out how to leave a comment! LOL! What is the girls name that he asked out? Anyway I couldn't believe it that he did that I couldn't see him working up the courage! LOL! I'm proud of him too! I love Bailey's hair! She's adorable! I'm surprized your dad wasn't the first one to cut her hair though. Hahaha. I wish you guys could've moved up here, I feel like I'm missing so much!

Cordova Family said...

Bailey's new hair is SO cute!! It'll be perfect in her pictures!!