Friday, September 14, 2007

Soooo Tireeeed.

Yesterday I felt like a walking zombie. I had absolutely no enery and just felt zapped all day. I didn't have Mya and it's probably a good thing because I would have gone crazy. I didn't want to lose the advantage of the time I had without baby-sitting though so I was still pretty productive. I got laundry and house cleaning done and I scrubbed the life out of my shower so now it's sparkling clean. I had to walk to the store to get a few things and it was horribly hot (still- it's September... come on!!) so I think that zapped me out too. And Baily was pretty rotten yesterday as well.

Robert's been craving my chicken salad croissant sandwiches so I made them yesterday. I really think I need to go to the Dr. because I think I have arthritis really bad. Just shredding the chicken an cutting the grapes about crippled my hand. The sandwiches were good though!

Last night was also Robert's softball game night. The games were late again so it was rough but we managed. There were some other wives there, my friends from the ward so it was nice to have someone to socialize with this time. And Baily had a blast playing with Sicily's kids. And as ou can see fun at the softball games consists of getting filthy! She was really naughty though and threw a tantrum because I made her give back some shoes of one of the girls that she was wearing. It was bad. Baily can sure be one rotten little girl! It was a defeating night for Team Blue Brick. They lost their first game by 1 and the second by 5. The teams they played weren't much better than the ones they played last week but they just didn't play that well. Robert didn't have a good night at all- he got out every time he hit until the last time. When he was up I said "oh no- not him!" Then he went on to hit a home run. That's what I get for doubting my man! LOL!! Since they started late and the games ran late we didn't get home until 11. We were zapped. After Baily had one of her nice tantrums she was out too. What a tiring day!

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Becca said...

Sounds like a busy day! I'm sure being pregnant didn't help your energy level at all. There's no tired like a pregnant tired. Hope that makes sense!