Saturday, September 15, 2007

Super Busy, Super Bored

This morning started off busy and hectic. First I went to a baby shower for a friend in my ward. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go but I'm glad I did. It was fun to see my friends from the ward and chat. And there were so many cute gifts. She's having a boy as well and it's also her 2nd after having a girl first. Her daughter's about a year older than Baily. Anyway seeing all the cute little boy stuff got me even more excited for my little boy. I kept joking that I was keeping an eye out for the good gifts so I know who would be invited to my shower. If it was a good gift then they passed and were invited. LOL... it was fun.

After that I came home and got Baily ready and packed a backpack for the rest of the day's activities. Unfortunately Robert had to work overtime from 1-10 today which really sucks, so I was on my own with the Baily monster. She was actually really good today though thank heavens. After we were all ready to go we went to Andre's football game. It was the first home game. Ok- now if it were any other place than the valley of the sun it probably would have been ok to have a Saturday game at 12:30 in September. But here? Not so much. It was soooo hot. I was mad at the heat because it was so hot. Seriously, it was ridiculous. Baily tried to stay cool by soaking herself with the spray bottle which seemed to help. We also sat at the very top so we had some shade but it was still miserable. It must've been at least 105. It started cooling down right before we left. But this isn't what bothered me the most. For the 2nd time in a row Andre didn't get played once! If Andre would let me I would so give that coach a piece of my mind. I was soooo mad! I really, really don't like their coach. The team had a bad game and they lost. But I blame a lot of it on the coach. He called the same play almost every time. Even Baily could have figured it out. Sure the kid he had it passed to every time is a great player- but give the other ones a chance. And besides he can't be so great if the other team knows they're gonna pass it to him every time! Urghhh... I was not happy. Ok... sorry for the rant.

We had to leave the game after 3rd quarter so we could go and watch my little brother Zach's first soccer game of this season. I hadn't seen my little siblings in a while so I was excited to go and see them. Baily was so excited as well. The whole way over to the game all she talked about were "Achary and Kanzie." It was so cute. I love that she loves her Aunt and Uncle so much. As soon as we got there Baily stole Kenzie's shoes and they had a blast playing together. Zach's poor team, I hate to say it, sucks! But truthfully Zach was one of the best players. I've never see him play as well as he did. He was so aggresive and fast. They got slaughtered but I was so proud of Zach. He seemed to know that he did really well which is great because he has the worst self-esteem. I love my little siblings so much!

After we got home it was already 4. After I changed her, it took me about 2 minutes to get Baily to sleep. She took a long nap and I slept for about 20 minutes. I've been so bored though. I took Baily outside to play and it wasn't too bad. It's cooled off a lot since this morning. I've had plenty of time to read or get other things done that have been on my to do list forever but I've just been tired and lazy. So I guess it's my own fault I'm bored. I can't wait to go pick up my hot hunny when he gets off work at 10. I've missed him a lot today. I could never handle him having a job where he's gone a lot! Tomorrow I have nothing planned but church which will be a nice change of pace. And Robert's off so I can hang out with him all day. I love my husband so much!


Janel said...

Oh boy, I hear ya on the heat! Cade's game was at noon yesterday too and I thought I would die from the heat, espcially sitting in the metal bleachers...its like a solar oven up there!! The only shade we had was little umbrellas to hold and I had lost my sunglasses! I do love a football game though :D

The pictures of Baily are adorable!! Cade did that to us once when he was about 3, he was SO grumpy at a family photo shoot and refused to smile. The pouty pics we got of his are priceless though, and I love them! She did a really good job on your pictures!

Becca said...

Love what you did with your blog! It's so cute!

eeyore1982 said...

I can't believe it is so hot there!On saturday it was in the upper 40's here!!! Wow! It was freezing. Baily's pictures are awesome! They are so funny! Some of the pictures I can see your dad in her for some reason. I have never noticed that before! LOL!