Friday, September 21, 2007

T. Goodness I. F.!!

Today has been much better emotionally wise. Whew! I don't know if I could have handled another hard day. It was very busy though and even though it's 3 in the morning and I'm exhausted I'm still so wired that I can't sleep. I'm going to one tired momma tomorrow- once again! Maybe I'm just getting myself accustomed (sp?) to being awake in case I get the 911 Operator job and work graveyards (which by the way I still haven't heard anything back yet).

So the morning consisted of tending to 3 little ones and doing the normal Friday tasks I have when it's payday- budgeting, paying bills, making a menu along with grocery list and so on and so forth. There were some strange and exciting things worth taking note of though. First, we had an unusual visitor in our kitchen today. It was a little desert lizard. I don't know if you can see him that well in the picture but he was just a cute little guy. It freaked me out at first but then I was kind of excited for Baily to experience some actual "wild" life. I always feel bad that she doesn't get to experience that sort of stuff like I did as a kid since we now live in a city. Baily thought he was pretty cool. And since she was being so helpful with the other babies and just plain sweet today I decided to spoil her (and me... let's be honest!) a little bit. She's been asking for pizza for a while and since I didn't have any transportation I ordered delivery pizza from Pizza Hut. It was so cute when the pizza guy came. As soon as she heard the doorbell she ran to the door and started doing her pizza dance (it's just like her ice cream dance but she says pizza instead of ice cream). After she ate and had her daily conversation with her Uncle Beau (she has to talk to him at least once a day you know) she was ready for her nap. So as soon as I put Mya down it was a cinch getting Baily to sleep. With a quiet moment for the first time of the day I indulged myself a little more. Last night at the store when Baily saw these caramel apples she picked one up and said "daddy!" So of course I had to get one for her to give to him and of course one for me as well. After I had mine today it was so dang good that I ate Robert's as well! I justified it by telling myself he's sick anyway and can't taste anything. I'm so bad I know. Don't worry... I'll get him another one tomorrow. But seriously- it was soooo good! I've come to the conclusion that the reason Fall is my favorite season must be because of the caramel apples with nuts. Yum! I even got me some of the suckers at the store tonight because that taste has stuck with me and I've just been craving it like crazy.

I had a pretty good afternoon. My sweet Aunt Marilyn let my mom call at her house so she could talk to me. We don't have a land line right now so she's not able to call and we haven't talked in a couple of months which has been so hard. So thanks to my Aunt Marilyn's generosity I was able to have a nice long conversation with my mom. I needed it so bad. It was so good just to hear her voice and laugh with her. It gave me such a big boost of happiness that I really needed. On the way home I indulged again. People reading this must thing I'm such a pig but I really don't splurge like this with food and treats that much- basically just on pay day. Anyway I went to Jack In The Box and got Baily, my nephew Bryan and myself shakes. They have the best shakes there! I hadn't had one in a long time so I really enjoyed it.

After that we came home and I got some other things done and hung out with Baily. Robert went to work today and still didn't feel that well so he rested for a while. After hanging out and trying to wait for Baily to go to sleep I decided to go grocery shopping even though it was so late so I wouldn't have to worry about it tomorrow. I didn't want to leave with Baily still awake because I didn't want Robert to have to deal with her since he needed to rest but it was getting too late. Thankfully she fell asleep about 15 minutes after I left and didn't cry at all. I had a long midnight shopping trip at my 2nd home- Wal-Mart. I thought it would be faster but it took forever. It was hard to get around and get things because the stockers were out and had stuff everywhere. Then they only had one cashier open so that took forever. But at least I didn't feel rushed or have to worry about Baily so that was nice. It was just super tiring. And pat on the back for me for sticking to my budget once again. I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of it! I stopped at Whataburger to get Robert some food on my way home, came home, unloaded groceries and tried to go to sleep. Since I was tossing and turning I got on the computer- surprise, surprise! Now I'm going to attempt to sleep again. I have another busy day planned tomorrow so hopefully the few hours I have available will be filled with some good, sound sleep! Have a good weekend everyone!


Tamie said...

whew!!! what a day you've had. i was tired before, and now i think that i am sympathy tired. :)
hang in there!
i love bailey's little feet at the head of your blog. i am sucker for baby feet pictures....i LOVE, love, LOVE them! and those are so cute! sorry that you
re still waiting to hear about the 911-operator job...waiting is terrible.

Alex said...

And I complain about being busy. Hehe. I should just shut up and try to keep up with you for a day. I need to start calling Bailey more often. I miss that little girl. I guess I miss you and Robert too, but especially my wonderful niece. She ROCKS!!! I can't wait for you guys to come up here! I'm so excited...we can play my 40th Anniversary Monopoly game...wait...we can't...we'd have to go on the side of the road in Payson for that! HAHAHAHAH. I slay myself. Love you sista! Share the love!

Becca said...

I love Walmart shopping trips by myself! They're like mini vacations for pathetic is that??? And by the way...just to make you feel better, I had In-N-Out for lunch, Taco Bell for dinner, and Cold Stone for Dessert! I think my treadmill groaned when I got on it tonight. :)