Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of The Year

I know, I know... that song's supposed to be about Christmas. Well that's a wonderful time as well but I gotta say- I LOVE the Fall. Today was such a nice Fall day. It wasn't exactly cool and crisp but it's getting closer to that ideal by the day. Not only do I love the weather but I love the decorations, Halloween, football season and it just seems like there's such a nice peace in the air. Today I got to experience a little of this Fall fever. Mya stayed home with her dad today so it was just a nice relaxing day with me and the Bug. She of course wanted to go on a walk so she sat in her stroller and we were off. We ended up at the Dollar Tree Store. For a dollar store I have to say that they have some pretty cool stuff. I needed to get a couple of frames for my new pictures of Baily I just got (I know... lame that I get my frames from a dollar store but hey- we're broke!) and I ended up getting a bunch of fun stuff... all under $12! I got some cute decorations for Fall and Halloween, cute Halloween barrettes for Baily along with Halloween activity books and pom poms- all stuff to do with this wonderful season. Whenever we go to Andre's football games and there's cheerleaders she just stares at them in awe. She was so excited about her pom poms and couldn't wait to cheer with them. We'll see if she will use them tomorrow at Andre's game. Isn't she the cutest little cheerleader though?

After I finished the tedious task of going through and organizing the millions of clothes that Baily's grown out of (it took like 4 hours!... seriously I never realized how many clothes she's had!), I took Baily and Bryan to the park this evening and they had a blast. As soon as the park was in view Baily was squealing with excitement. She just couldn't contain herself. The minute she was out of the car she dead sprinted to the playground and went a mile a minute the whole time. You'd think she'd never been to the park before. She must have the Fall fever as well and was just excited to be able to play without losing all her fluids with sweating. She was so fearless this time- more than she's ever been. Usually she has certain areas that she won't even go near- you know the bigger kids areas. But not this time. She played on everything. It was so fun to watch her having such a good time but it was bittersweet at the same time because I had another reality slap about how big she's getting and how fast she's growing up. I really enjoyed just sitting there and relaxing. The weather was PERFECT! There was even a nice coolness in the air. By the time we left there was an amazing harvest full moon in the sky that was awesome! I love this season!

After we got home I wasn't in the mood for what I had planned on making for dinner so I made spaghetti and garlic bread instead. Sometimes the basics are just so good and this time it really hit the spot. And here's some random things I wanted to blog about. I've made the final decision on our Halloween costumes. I was planning on making Baily a witch but I've decided to dress her up as a nerd instead. I've already got it all figured out in my head. And if I can talk Robert into it we're going to be a whole family of nerds for Halloween. I think it will be so cute and hilarious. I also wanted to note that I looove the story of Abinadi and I love reading his teachings. I just finished up that part of the Book of Mormon and it's such a spiritual boost to me every time I read it! He was so awesome and powerful and courageous. I can't imagine speaking with such power and firmness under those circumstances! And finally here's a couple of things about Baily that I've been wanting to blog about so I don't forget them. I've been waiting to get pictures and videos but have been unsuccessful so I'll just have to write about them for now. First, shibby shibby. When Baily was about, I'd say, a year and a half she started saying this saying all the time... shibby shibby. Robert and I could not figure out for the life of us what this meant. We finally realized that she would say it right before she would roll her arms in circles and do a somersault. To this day she still does shibby shibby and we love it! It cracks us up every time even after all this time. Also- she's still doing the licking and smacking thing. It's disgusting and it drives me crazy! I'm pretty sure her molars have already but through but I'm still hoping this habit thing will pass soon!! And finally I just want to wish a formal farewell to her habit and fetish with ear tugging. It took me a while to notice that her obsession with touching hers and other people's ears to comfort herself went away with the po-po. She doesn't do it anymore since she's been off her po-po. I guess it just went hand in hand with it. It got a little annoying at times but it's still bittersweet to see her grow out of this phase. Just another reminder of her growing up! Time needs to slow down dang it! And that's about all for now. Tomorrow's going to be a busy day of cleaning, laundry, packing, football game, softball games and driving to Show Low. Wish me luck and energy to get through it all!


Becca said...

I love fall! There's just a feeling in the air when it starts to get cooler. You are such a cool mom, I couldn't tell you the last time I dressed up for halloween. It's been at least 10 years. I have to figure out what to dress my kids up as. I think I'm going to make brooke a princess and I have no clue about Korbin.

Beau said...

Hey Sis! Thats too bad about the Bailey and the ear thing, I kinda miss it. Oh well, i guess we all have to move on eh? So you should join the family and watch prison break,...before you start watching house. Alex, I know once you start watching prison break you will agree that it takes priority over house right now...sorry. Anywho, wish i could be there with you guys in Show Low. Its the best time of year to go! With the leaves changing and the elk doing there thing(that is my way of saying I dont know how to spell that noise the elk makes, he he) So you better have a good enough time for the both of us got it! K, ciao!

Cordova Family said...

I love October! And I love the dollar store, I mean, where else can you spend $15 and get 15 things of crap that you probably didn't need!! I love it! Good job on reading the BOM again! You are so great!!