Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Nice Birthday for a Naughty Girl!

Today started off nice enough. Church changed to 1:oo today which is not my favorite but it was kind of nice to not have to rush to get ready. It's only 2 hours later but it seemed like we had all this extra time this morning. Baily woke up in a pretty good mood and had fun attempting to eat her daddy's huge sandwich. We watched Lion King and she pretty much acted out every scene which Robert and I got a kick out of. We had time to shower and get ready without rushing, and Baily was even able to take a short 30 minute nap before church. I thought we were set for a good day and a nice little birthday party. Ha ha!

Church was good for the half I was there. I bore my testimony if Sacrament- I didn't want to but I couldn't not with the strong urge I felt and especially after such a crazy week. I would have felt ungrateful after the many blessings and tender mercies of love I have felt this past week with all it's ups and downs. Relief Society was good but I left early because Baily was wet and needed changed and then I had to go get ready for the party.

After church she wasn't too bad. She tried out her Abuela's fruit salad- you know, just to make sure it was ok. Then after I kept yelling at her for getting into everything while I was trying to set up the party she went and played in her room. She seems like such a sweet, little angel in the picture. And isn't her party outfit so cute? Thanks Rachelle! Right before people started showing up for her party she turned into naughty Baily. She was so, so naughty. You'll notice in the pictures from the slide show that everyone's smiling and happy but her. I guess she's just showing us that she's ready for the terrible 2's. She takes the saying "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" to heart. We had fun anyway. About more than half of the people I was planning on coming didn't come. I'm glad Matt brought Zach and Mackenzie. Zach and Matt left early though because Matt had some errands to run and Zach didn't want to stay at a baby party. We had a lot of extra food but I think we'll manage. It was fun... at least for all of us but Baily anyway. The pinata didn't work out as planned- even though it was expensive, it was cheap. It busted without even being busted open by anyone! But the kids didn't care- they got candy out of it and that's all that really matters. And she got lots of good presents so thanks everyone that showed up!

Robert's off work tomorrow so that should be nice. Kenzie wanted to stay the night which is always great. Her and Bryan had fun tonight despite the fact that I was dealing with the monstrous Baily and was very grouchy. I feel so bad when I get grouchy like that but my nerves have been stretched to the limit. Even though she's terrible I do love my little girl so much and am glad we got to do this party for her! I have such another busy week coming up- it's nice though to start it off with a holiday. Hopefully it won't be as hectic as this last week!


Becca said...

Thanks again for inviting us! We had tons of fun! Especially Korbin my poor deprived son....seriously the way he acted you would have thought he'd never had cake in his life. Sorry about that! I love how in the pinata pictures it's all these kids and then BECCA! Yeah, I'm still a kid at heart, what can I say!

Alex said...

I'm so bummed that I missed the par-tay. My soreness is wearing off, so that's good news at least. I'm glad Mackenzie had fun. I sure do miss those lil sibs o mine. I hope you can get up here for the fall festival, so I don't have to "drive" anywhere. Haha. Love ya sis!