Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hormones- urghhh...

Today started off pretty stressful because I was a little... how you say- hormonal. I was stressed before I even had a reason to be. Seriously... these crazy out of conrol hormones are driving me crazy! Baily was a little naughty but I know it was me more than her that was driving me crazy. I desperately tried to pray my hormones away though and I think it helped a lot. Baily was begging to go on a walk and since I just wanted her to be occupied and get out of the house for a little bit we walked to Burger King and had lunch there. I felt much better and less stressed once we got home.

After Robert got home I had a ton of errands to run so I packed up Baily and off we went. We went to the Distribution Center, Walgreens, Walmart Neighborhood market to get her pictures, the post office and my regular Walmart to get the oil changed and return a shirt and get some warm clothes for our trip to Show Low this weekend. I'm glad we finally got the oil changed... it was way overdo. By the time I got home Robert was outside with some guy I had never seen before and they were looking under the hood of our old P.O.C (piece of crap) red car. I later learned that he was a neighbor that saw the car as he was passing by and was asking if we were trying to sell it. We've been wanting to sell it but haven't had the money to fix the brakes and tires for it. This guy's a mechanic though and after working on it for a while they got it started and they took it to this guy's house around the corner. He's gonna buy it! Hallelujah! We could definitely use the extra cash and it will be nice to not have that blight in our parking space any more.

I tried a new recipe tonight and it was really good and Robert really liked it which is a bonus since he's so picky. It was lemon chicken... mmmm. After dinner and after I cleaned up really quick I told Robert I was clocking out for the next 3 hours for my only tv time of the week. He ended up being outside working on the car the whole time but Baily was great so I was able to watch my weekly shows. I was so sad to see my grandpa guy go home tonight and for the blue team to lose. I think they're so stupid for voting off their leader. It was cool to see that he's lost 88 lbs though since he left. The blue team was my favorite but now I'm kinda mad at them. I really like the black team excepr for the one dark haired girl who thinks she's all that and she's not. I loved the challenge with the racing against the kids. And I loved the twist of the temptaion challenge. It was a good show tonight even though the guy I liked got sent home. Tonight was the season premiere of Law & Order SVU and it was a good one. I had a feeling the whole time that the psycho girl was faking it. I love this show! And that's about it for this Tuesday. Nothing too exciting... well except for selling that car!


Becca said...

Yay! for the red car going bye bye! How awesome is it that someone came to you to buy it and you didn't have to do anything? Cha ching! I was mad about Jerry getting voted off too, I was glad that he put them in their place though because they deserved it! Tratiors! :)

Alex said...

Yous is going to needs those warmer clothes. It's getting downright chilly-willy up in here. Can't wait to see ya'll when thine arrival is night. Lata playa, loves ya and suches.