Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Doom's Day!

So I've known yesterday was going to be doom's day for a while- it was the day of no more po-pos for Baily. I've mentioned before how I've tried to get her off of them but gave up and gave in and gave them to her. Well 2 was my absolute limit and now that she's 2 I'm not messing around. When I'm determined to do something I pretty much do it. I had been expecting it to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. But we'll get to that in a minute.

The morning was great. I went to a scrapbook store with my cousin Becca and her little girl Brook to help her get some ideas for the invitations to my baby shower. They have the coolest stuff in that store and holy heck they have so much variety! Then after that we went for an early lunch at Taco Bell- yum. Baily and Brook had fun hanging on the bar in there and laughing at each other in the car. They're so cute together. They were both due on the same day but Becca was lucky and had her 3 weeks early. I hope we can start getting together more so the girls can play- I think they would love it.

After we got home I waited a while for Mya to show up before I was going to attempt to put Baily down for a nap. She didn't show up until an hour later than she was supposed to and I somehow managed the impossible feat of getting Baily to nap without her po-po. Let me tell you- if you would have come in my house at the time you would have thought I was slaughtering a pig or attempting to murder her. She was screaming bloody murder and beating the crap out of me. It took her about 25 minutes of screaming and sobbing off an on (she had to stop to breathe and get up more energy every now and then), while I just lied down and held her down with me, switching positions every couple of minutes- and then she passed out. I felt like a champion. And really, thankfully and surprisingly, that was the only problem we pretty much had all day except for a little bit of a fit in the car. She was actually so sweet the rest of the day- better than she's been for the past week or so. Yay! Hopefully this no po-po thing won't be as bad as I imagined it would be.

So it was fortunate for us that it was not doom's day- unfortunately for Andre the same is not true. He had his 2nd football game yesterday at Hamilton. We all knew it was going to be a tough team and hard game. Sadly we lost- I think it was 41-27. What really sucks and makes me soooo mad is that Andre didn't get to play once the whole game. I really don't care for their coaches. Andre did awesome last week so I don't understand why he wasn't at least given the chance to play. I feel like going crazy like the Malcolm in the Middle mom and going and giving that coach a piece of mind but I think it was cause more damage than good. And the game ended up being 3 1/2 hours long due to one of our kids getting his leg snapped in half and having to wait for an ambulance and such. Poor kid! We were so bummed afterward and just felt so bad for Andre. And not to mention I felt like I was having contractions, was starving and could barely move because my back hurt so bad- those stadium seats are so not ideal for a big pregnant lady! But I do have to say that Baily was an absolute angel through the whole thing and was so sweet- playing and keeping herself occupied, cheering and giving me kisses just because. I love that! And didn't she look so dang cute?

After we got home Robert went right to the church to play basketball. I didn't think he was going to go but I think he needed to blow off some steam. He was really bummed and pretty upset. Baily played in her room- her new sanctuary- she wants to be in her room all the time now. We ate some cereal and ramen and lied down and watched Lion King. I passed out quick. When Robert got home I was asleep and Baily was still awake. She feel asleep pretty quickly though and there was not a peep from her. How awesome is that? I sure hope we have a great day like that tomorrow! High five for Baily being a big girl and not being naughty!


Becca said... I feel like I need to get rid of Brooke's bink. She went a whole week without it before. I guess I just need to "bite the bullet" and do it. Thanks for the example! I think she looks ridiculous with it in her mouth in those pics!

Beau said...

hey sis, so far so good on the po po thing eh? Great! Knock on wood. (knock, knock). so........uh...well, have a great day!!!

Malissa said...

YAY! Well, now I'm not so scared to break Jaxx. Yay for Bailey!!