Saturday, September 15, 2007

"I REFUSE to smile!"

Yesterday evening Baily had her official 2 year old photos done. My friend Malissa is starting up a photography business with her sister-in-law so I chose her to do them. I'm soooo happy with my choice. Baily decided that she was going to put all of her effort into not smiling. It was almost funny how stubborn and ornery she was being. But Malissa was a trooper and the pictures turned out absolutely AMAZING!! Here's the links to her blog and her business blog below. They were done at the temple and even though it was September 14th it was still hot. Plus there were a lot of bugs. I got attacked by an army of ants and my feet were burning. I was kind of frustrated that Baily was being so rotten and you can tell from the pictures how much she was refusing to smile. But like Malissa pointed out to me, that's who my Baily is. These pictures are real and not fake and I love that. Her scowling pictures crack me up. Anyway, if anyone's looking for a GREAT photographer I give all my recommendation to Malissa. Thanks so much Malissa! I know Baily was a stinker but the photos are magical. They catch the very essence of my Baily Bug and exactly how her personality is right now.
MLW Photography

The rest of the day before that was pretty boring- not much to report. After the photo shoot me and Robert took our little model to Barro's. It was the best pizza I've ever had there. It was cooked perfectly. However my sweet son decided he wanted to get in a position to make me as uncomfortable as possible so I only had room for 2 pieces. Weak, I know. And of course Baily was all smiles then. Stinker! She loves the toys at Barro's. She loves the pizza too! After that we ran to Best Buy and Wal-Mart and when we got home we pretty much crashed. What a happenin' Friday night!


Becca said...

She's looks so grown up in those pictures! I love her hair! What a cutie!

Beau said...

Awesome pics of my niece! Its true, even though she looks totally angry with the world and her life at moments, she still comes back with a big smile to let everyone see her real beauty! Man I love that little girl! She misses me you know, so you need to bring her here right away!! And by the way, a lot of those pictures, especially the angry ones, brings back some memories when we were kids. When you were upset at us brothers, which was about 97% of the time, you always had that look on your face, like you were angry at the world. Love ya!!

Cordova Family said...

Thanks for the shout out...I'm just getting caught up on my reading blogs this morning...sorry I didn't see this sooner!! I'm glad you liked the pics...I think she's so cute, so it was easy to get cute pics!!