Sunday, September 23, 2007

Family Fun and Learning

Yesterday was busy and fun-filled. Gerald and Rachelle were in town for the Def Leppard concert they went to on Thursday night so we had planned on spending the day with them. The day started off with lunch at our traditional restaurant Mimi's Cafe. I tried something new this time- the French Quarter Burger. It was super yummy. Gerald copied me and got the same thing (hee hee... I actually copied him). Baily was fine until about 3/4 of the way. She had to be taken out with Grandpa Gerald where she had a blast running circles around him. She adores her Grandpa Gerald!

After lunch we went to the Heard Museum in Phoenix. It took us a while to get there thanks to my husband who thinks he knows everything but doesn't- he got us a little lost. But we found it eventually (411 is such a wonderful thing) and it was really awesome. It's a museum that specializes in Native American culture as well as many other Native cultures around the world. I was a little worried about how Baily would do in a museum but they had a ton of interactive activities for her to participate in and she had a blast. I love learning activities like that for her. I've always loved museums and artsy kind of stuff so I was in heaven. I was having a lot of Braxton Hicks(sp?) contractions which made it hard to be very comfortable but I loved the art and exhibits so much. They had a lot of Tlingit stuff which is my tribe from Alaska so that was awesome. Baily was pretty tired by the end but it was a great trip and great idea. Thanks Gerald and Rachelle! Here's some pictures of our trip.

After we got home Robert needed to rest since he's still recovering from his sickness. We had planned on going to see a movie at IMAX but seeing as we didn't have a baby-sitter for Baily and she hadn't napped all day we didn't want to risk taking her there. So instead the boys stayed home with Baily and Rachelle and I did a little shopping. I've been in dire need for maternity shirts since I'm getting huger (yes that's a word in my vocabulary!) I had like 2 shirts that were long enough. A friend told me that Old Navy was having a good sale so we went there. I found 3 cute shirts for less than $25! I should have gotten more since everything was cheap. I'm kicking myself for it. Maybe I'll go back tomorrow and get some more. But then again if I would've gotten more I would probably be kicking myself for spending too much. I'm so not a good shopper! After Rachelle shopped in 2 more stores we stopped and got El Pollo
Loco for dinner and brought it home. We talked about going to the park but by then it was too late. So we just enjoyed dinner at home and visited for a while. We watched part of some movie on tv then Gerald and Rachelle left. We had fun with them and it was a good day. After they left we all fell asleep pretty quickly. I love Saturdays like that- busy and fun and family filled!


Cordova Family said...

I'm glad you found some deals at Old Navy! I assume you were wearing a new one todat at church! Very cute!!

Becca said...

Sounds like fun! That's cool you found shirts on sale. I feel like I get stuck in a fashion rut when I'm pregnant because I don't want to invest in clothes I'm only going to wear for a few months. So I just wear the same 6 shirts over and over.