Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blogging Withdrawal

I'm totally going through blogging withdrawal. It's the first time in about 2 months that I haven't blogged every single day. We're out of town in Show Low so I haven't had time or access to a computer until now. I'm bumming my brother's computer right now so I don't go crazy. I won't be able to post all my pictures (and there's a LOT!) until tomorrow but at least I can update before I forget everything.

So Thursday was crazy busy. I had to get all my laundry done so I could get us all packed up for our trip. Well the stupid dryer was taking forever and the washer was acting up so it took all day to get the laundry done even though there wasn't that much to do. While I was waiting for the dumb laundry Baily was getting restless but I didn't want her to nap that day so she would sleep on the car trip. So I took her to the park for a little bit and of course she loved it! After we got home we left with Bryan and Robert to Andre's football game at Dobson High. Baily and Bryan had a blast playing and getting filthy on the bleachers. We had to leave at half time but I guess they finally let Andre play a couple of times after we left which I was glad about. Maybe his coaches are finally coming to their senses a little bit. They ended up winning 44-51- a high scoring game. After that we came home and the laundry was finally finished so I finished up packing real quick. I hate packing! We were in a big hurry so the house looked ransacked by the time I was done. After we were all packed up and ready to go we left and went to Robert's softball games. It was not good. They ended up ending the 1st game after the 2nd inning because they were losing by the more than 20! They played the same team for their 2nd team and stayed close with a chance of winning up until the 5th inning where they let them score like 15 in an inning so they lost again with a slaughter. Bummer! The good thing is that they got done a lot earlier than usual and it's a good thing because we ended up having to go back to the house to get shoes since I forgot to pack them. We didn't get to Show Low until 2 in the morning and we were BEAT! Baily only slept about half of the trip regardless that she hadn't had a nap all day and played and ran her heart out. What a looong day!

Yesterday was nice and relaxing. We woke up late and hung around just visiting and enjoying the outdoor weather with my Grandma. We got some yummy pizza for lunch from Pat's Place... it's a tradition whenever we come up to Show Low. Gerald came by and then took me and Baily up to meet Rachelle at this nail salon. I got treated to a wonderful manicure and pedicure which were badly needed! Thanks sooo much Rachelle. Gerald took Baily back to the house while I was being pampered and she hung out with my Grandma. When I got back we stayed outside for most of the time. The weather was PERFECT! We took lots of cute pictures and just enjoyed visiting with each other. Then that evening we had Baily's birthday party since none of my Show Low family was able to make it to her earlier this month. Alex had to work so he didn't get there until 9 but Gerald and Rachelle and Fran and Grandma were all there. My Grandma made a delicioso roast dinner and we had Baily's pooh cake and ice cream. It was yum-o! Baily loved her cake and talked about it all night. She loved being able to blow out her candles and open presents all over again. Talk about spoiled! She got lots more good presents too. After all the birthday fun we watched part of the movie Monsters Inc. and then we all crashed. Oh and Alex got me a book I've been wanting to read forever and I'm so excited to read it. It's called Twilight. So thanks soooo much Alex!

Today was another fabulous day. We all slept in again and took our time getting ready. We had a delicious and nutritious breakfast of cold pizza and birthday cake and then got ready for our day's adventures. First we went to the Fall Festival. It was fun to look at all the neat stuff but it was all so expensive. We didn't stay there too long. It was also super windy. I didn't mind the wind though... it was such a nice break to experience the nice, cool, brisk weather and fresh, clean air. After that we went to the car show where they had over 500 cars. It was a lot of fun. They had some awesome cars and they were playing great music so it was a great atmosphere. After we left the car show we stopped for a small bite at Burger King then we headed up to the mountains to go look at the leaves changing colors and hear the elk bugle. Let me tell you... this was the highlight of our trip for me. It was so beautiful up there. And we saw the most beautiful elk closer than I'd ever seen them. And it was the biggest ones I've ever seen too. When we got out it was freezing cold but it felt so good and refreshing. Baily was really excited about seeing and hearing the elk and experiencing wind and cold weather and hot chocolate. It was so awesome! On the way back we stopped at El Rancho restaurant (one of my absolute favorite restaurants in the whole world!) and Alex, Gerald and Rachelle met us there for dinner. Then we came home and watched Monsters Inc. again and I did this post. So it's been a great vacation. Unfortunately Robert has to work tomorrow so we have to leave early in the morning. While Robert's at work Baily and I will go to church and I'm going to try and watch the Relief Society Conference from tonight online. I was really bummed it was today and I had to miss it. So hopefully it will be online tomorrow and I can watch it! And be ready for lots of pictures tomorrow!


Alex said...

I was so glad I got to see you guys! I know it was crazy because I was working all the time, but at least we hung out a little bit. Have fun reading! Love you!

Becca said...

Sounds like you've been busy. I envy the weather you're enjoying up there! Drive safely on your way home!