Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Welcome October!!

So I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it about 30 times already but I love the Fall and I love October! You better get used to me saying this over and over because I just love this season!
I woke up this morning to a phone call from Mya's mom telling me that I won't have Mya all week since she has a family member in town that will be taking care of her. It stinks because that means a loss of a week's worth of dough but I'm excited for the "vacation"/break. I have a lot of stuff I want to get done around the house so this should be a good opportunity to "get 'er done!"

Today was super busy as there's always a lot to do when we come home from a trip out of town. I had a ton of laundry to do not only from our trip but also all the sheets and blankets in the house since I always try to get it all done at the first of every month. I started first thing this morning and just finished the last load about half an hour ago... at 10:30. Laundry is so tiring! There was also a lot of cleaning and unpacking to do. We always are so blessed to come home with so much than we left with when we come back from Show Low and this time was no exception. There was a lot of stuff we got from family including all of Baily's birthday presents. I'm so grateful to be blessed with such generous and giving family!

During Baily's nap I was able to catch up on my BOM (Book of Mormon) reading. Sadly I missed the last couple of days of reading and ruined my consecutive reading streak. But I started again today and caught up on the 2 days that I missed. I just finished Mosiah and started in Alma today. I love the book of Alma and just Alma in general. What an awesome man! I feel like I can relate to him and his conversion and repentance process so much. I'm excited to be reading in Alma this month!

After Robert got home from work I headed to the laundromat for the first time in my life. Our comforter is totally washable but our washer and dryer are too small to wash and dry it in. So after hearing that the laundromats have huge washers and dryers I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did. I now have a very clean and crisp comforter that was in very bad need of a good washing. I felt like an idiot at first because I think everyone knew what they were doing but me and it was obvious since I was walking around all confused for a while. But I used my smarts and was able to figure those new fangled machines. I enjoyed the quiet time I had to be able to read my new book "Twilight." I thought I would be able to get a lot more reading done but I only got through the first chapter. Not only did it take me a while to figure out all the ins and outs of the place but those machines are fast! If... I mean when... I'm rich enough I'm totally going to buy some of those washers and dryers. It only took 14 minutes to dry our huge down comforter! Awesome! Anyway I already know I'm going to love this book and it won't take me long to finish it. And yes... I know I'm like the last female on the planet to read this book not to mention the 2 sequels following it.

As soon as I got home it was back to a mad rush. I had to finish up more laundry and cook dinner. I tried another new recipe tonight- chicken parmesan rolls and boy oh boy were they tasty! Baily, Robert and I all loooved it! This isn't the picture of the ones I actually made but they seriously looked just as good. I just forgot to take the pictures. I highly recommend this recipe!

After dinner we had a pretty informal FHE evening. We (well more like Robert) finished up decorating the house for Halloween. All the decorations look so cute! We also took a nice family walk and went to Safeway to get strawberries for our treat and got a few more cute decorations at Dollar Tree. I'll take some pictures tomorrow of our cute decorations and post them. After we got home we had a delicious dessert of strawberry and pudding parfaits. Yummy!

I also want to say thanks to the Patriots for winning by more than 8 so my husband could win the football pool at work. That's $40 extra bucks we need. Robert is being very generous and giving me half which is so sweet. I'm not so sure I would be so generous. We also got a payment from the guy who bought the red car which eased a lot of my worry about getting ripped off by him. He's supposed to pay the rest by Wednesday. This money is truly a blessing and I honestly believe it's a direct blessing of paying an honest tithing. I'm so grateful for this gospel principle. I better get some sleep because I have so much I want to get done and I want to take good advantage of this extra time I have. Love you all!
**Amy!!- Make sure you read the comment I left you in the last post!


Becca said...

Wahoo! You're finally reading Twlight, watch out it will suck you in. I can bring the two sequels by you tomorrow if you want me to. Do you have our cousin Amy's email address....I'd love to write her. Or if Amy reads this just leave it under my comments. Those parfaits look so yummy! :)

Amalee said...

Hi Becca!! Sarah, you're amazing how you try so many new receipes. Seems like we just stick with the mashed potatoes around here. Sorry I haven't been on in the last few days, like Alex says "kah-razzy"--or how ever he spells it! :) In fact, I am supposed to be getting my house cleaned right now, because I have all the cubscouts coming over at 8:30 in the morning for breakfast, but I would much rather be reading about you guys and what's up in AZ!!! I like to think that this is more productive! So Becca, my email is portera@mail.com, but I really just like going to your blog, so don't feel like you have to write a special email just for me. Though that is really sweet of you! In fact, I was just going to pop over there and check out how your week has been... :)