Sunday, September 23, 2007

Easy Breezy!

Today was nice and easy breezy. Unfortunately Robert had to work today which sucked but other than that I have no complaints. On Friday night as I was trying to put Baily to sleep we were watching Paula Deen's show on Food Network and she made this awesome cake and passed out the cupcake version to her audience. Ever since then she's been begging me for cupcakes. I promised her last night before she fell asleep that I would give her a cupcake in the morning. The first thing she said when she woke up today was "momma I want my cupcake please." I think she was still half asleep but she remembered I promised her a cupcake. My little girl is sooo persistant when she wants something which is nice for when she grows up but it's hard on me. Well as I was getting ready to make the cupcakes I realized I didn't have any cupcake liners and there was no way I could make them without the liners since the pan is so rusty. I couldn't stand the thought of breaking my promise to her so I was bad and I went to the store to get the liners. By the time I got there I realized I wasn't going to have enough time to make them so I just bought her some cupcakes already made from the bakery. She was satisfied though and loved the pretty sprinkles and frosting on the store bought cupcakes. At least we have something to look forward to this week though- making those cupcakes I originally promised!

The rest of the time I had before Church I made deviled eggs for my niece's birthday party and got ready. I also watched the sad end to the Cardinals game. Only the Cardinals an lose in the last couple of seconds- it's the Cardinals curse. Thanks Cardinals for giving my hubby a reason to be in a bad mood! I think he's used to it by now though. After Baily and I were all prettied up Emely (my niece who had the birthday party I mentioned) dropped us off at church. We were too late for Sacrament which I hate but the rest of church was great. Baily was well behaved thank goodness since I didn't have Robert there to help me. A new couple in our ward spoke during Sacrament meeting and they were pretty funny. I want to get to know the girl better- she seems really cool and fun to hang out with. She's real cute. A funny thing that happened is Baily was reading her book with animals in it and making the accompanying noises. When she came to the piggies she started snorting really loud. Every one around us was cracking up.

Robert picked us up a little early from Church- he picked us up as soon as he got off of work. We went to Emely's birthday party at Loren's house. We were late but there was still good food and fun to be had. Baily had a blast as she always does with her cousins. I love that she has cousins to play with because plaing with cousins are some of my most treasured childhood memories. After we ate and had ice cream cake and she opened her presents we all ended up outside. It was so nice and cool. Hopefully, hopefully the weather's cooling off and that horrible heat is gone! It was fun and just relaxing. And I'm pretty sure Emely had a good time which is great because she's a sweetheart and deserved to have a happy birthday. I love you Emely! Baily went another day without a nap but that makes for an early bedtime which is always nice. After we got home and ate she threw a major screaming tantrum- she was way over-tired. But after about 10 minutes she was passed out. She's even sleeping in her own bed! Hopefully she'll stay there all night. My goal is to really work on the potty training this next week and also getting her to sleep in her own bed. This week started out pretty rough but this weekend has been a great ending. We've got another super busy week planned so I better get prepared and get some sleep. Have a great week everyone!


Alex said...

Hey sis, sounds like your weekend was a hoot and a blast! I didn't know it was Emely's birthday. I should call her or email her or something exquisite like that! I can't wait for you guys to get up here so I can see you all. We need to play some major board games, but it's not the same without Beau. I work Friday and Saturday, so I won't be able to go to Fall Festival, but we can hang out before and after, eh?

Becca said...

mmmmmmm....cupcakes. Sorry I'm hungry right now and my brain is still on the cupcakes!

Emily said...

my picture looks so funny in this.. I cant believe you posted my fuuny look fruit face on here.. but you looked