Monday, November 16, 2009

Week of the "Wills"

Monday November 16, 2009
Today was like night and day from the past few days that I struggled so much. After I woke up, I lied in my bed and thought and pondered a lot (it was Robert's turn to get up with Joaquin). I decided that this week was going to be so much better than last and that it was in my power to make that happen. As I started to think of my goals for the week I made a list and it became a list of "wills." There are 10 "will" and "will nots" on my list. After I made the list I had a really deep heart-to-heart with my Heavenly Father about each of my "wills" and explained why I had made each goal and asked for help for each one. And so I can have more reason to be held accountable here's my list of "wills" (minus one that's too personal... even for me):
1- I will not yell.
2- I will not drink soda.
3- I will not get on the computer/internet more than twice a day- once in the morning to check my email and once at night after my kids are in bed asleep.
4- I will keep my house clean every day.
5- I will follow through on my kids' bedtime routines.
6- I will pray 2 times a day- first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
7- I will read my scriptures every day.
8- Too personal...
9- I will spend at least 1 hour of devoted, quality time with my kids every day.
10- I will ensure we have family scriptures and prayer every day.
Ta da! I am happy to report that as of today, I have been successful with all of my "wills" and it feels great. I even discussed these goals with Robert and that felt good since I feel like we need to communicate better. After family scriptures this morning and before our prayer we had a little family coucil where we discussed these goals, went over agendas for the week and talked with Baily about what we expected of her and what we were going to try to do better as parents. We did this last Monday too and it's great. We are definitely going to have these family council meetings every week from now on. After that I went to my dad's to do my work-out- week 2, day 8 of my 8 week Beginner's Running Program. Today my running time doubled and I wasn't sure if I was going to make it, especially being so darn bloated (sorry- tmi), but I did and it felt amazing. I so love running!! After that, I came home and fed my kids and made Robert's lunch and had a nice, hot shower (I love being able to take hot showers when it's cold!). I got Joaquin down for his nap and then I was able to get some good, quality scripture study in. I'm a little behind on my reading goals but I got my reading schedule on track and I really enjoyed reading today. I read a little from the Book of Mormon, D&C and Teachings of Joseph Smith. I just love Joseph Smith so much and know he was and is a true Prophet of God. I have so loved studying his teachings these past 2 years and am really going to miss studying his words. The rest of the day was spent cleaning, which always feels good once it's done, and making a delectable new recipe for dinner. Chicken pockets. Mmm, mmm, good! It was quite easy too. After that, the kids and I made special k bars. Once again, mmm, mmm, good! (And no, Baily is not wearing lipstick in these pics- she just has perfect lips;) Then we picked up the basement and played some catch. I can't tell you the difference it makes when I'm not yelling all the time and getting frustrated. Duh!! They helped me pick up the basement with no problems and we had so much fun playing catch. It made me realize how foolish I've been in not taking the time to have those special times devoted only to paying attention to them and motivated me to make sure I'm doing that on a daily basis. After we played I got them ready for bed, read to them and they both went to sleep so easily and peacefully. I felt like mom of the year! It was such a simple thing to take that time for them and I enjoyed it so much. I really need to do as Pres. Monson has advised, to take time to have "joy in the journey" because I truly have so much to have joy in!
Discussion Question:
What are some goals you're working on right now?


Julaine said...

Great goals, it was helps to write them down so you can be reminded. But don't be so hard or down on yourself. You know what's best and will work for you family so take a few of the most important issue that need immediate attention and work on those. You're a great mom and your kids are good kids (no matter if you feel you yell too much!)

I just made a sign in and put it up in our bedroom
"be nice, be kind, be loving, be patient"--it's a list i made for to remind me but Jason has been using it too. I feel like I snap a little too fast/often at Jason so i need to work on my tone of voice and replies to him.

Good luck the rest of the week!

Julie said...

Having a positive attitude
exercise/healthy eating
good reading

Beau said...

Well you asked!:
1)Attend the temple at least twice a month.
2)Companionship study:Mon, Wed, Fri, from Preach My Gospel and Tues, Thur, Sat from General Conference and/or Ensign and Sun is personal preference
3)Family Home Evening/Morning every Friday Morning @ 10am
4)Pray every day twice a day
5)Intention statements daily during shower time
6)Become Team Captains and be promoted to Division Manager by January 2010 in Primerica
7)Take and Pass my securities/investment license test(series 6 and 63) by Dec. 22, 2009

And a few others, but those are the big ones:) Thanks for the reminder Sis!