Thursday, November 12, 2009

A crazy, beautiful day.

Wednesday November 11, 2009
So yesterday started off crazy but ended up being a pretty swell day. Baily was pretty much a beast all day due to not enough sleep and that was irritating. We had a lazy morning and after I couldn't take the mess and feeling like a bum anymore I got to work. Robert helped me by picking up the basement and cleaning off our new free toys for our basement, the basketball hoop from our neighbor's trash and a slide from a friend in the ward, vacuuming the house and adding the new toys to basement. The kids love them as you can see in the pics. Sweet! While he was doing all this I managed to get my whole house picked up, my bathrooms and floors cleaned, have an awesome workout that felt AMAZING, shower and get ready and manage to somehow get a nice, fancy dinner prepared for when the missionaries came over to be nourished. I made spinach stuffed chicken parmesan and, if I do say so myself, it was pretty awesome. Plus I made some specail K bars that were dee-licious. I had to jet off from dinner to get to my YW Leadership meeting which went quite well. I sure love all the fellow leaders I get to serve with. They're awesome. Then we had a simple, but productive and very fun mutual activity preparing for our Young Women in Excellence next week and I'm so excited about it. It's gonna be awesome. After a very soul-satisfying YW I came home to freshly bathed kids, one of which was slumbering sweetly and one who had transformed back into my sweet little girl. There was the little problem of gas that had been leaking into our home from a stovetop turned on with no flame (yikes!) but we got the air cleared and we are all alive and well this morning so that's good. You know, it really doesn't take something spectacular to make it a spectacular day. I was busy all day but it was a crazy, beautiful day!

Discussion Question:
What has been one of your favorite callings and why?

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