Monday, November 16, 2009

Blessings For Week Of 11.9

11.15- great lesson in RS, prayer, sweet hubby doing dishes for me even when he was sick at home, sweet hubby catering to me and adoring me and loving me even though he was sick, cuddles and nap with my best girl, delicious dinner with the fam, reminiscing good memories with my hubby, singing to my sweet boy and him saying so sweetly "night mom," as he went down to sleep with no fussing, watching Elf, Cards win!

11.14- a new day, grocery shopping and all the wonderful people who made that possible, getting fridge & freezer & cupboards cleaned out & organized, how much my husband loves and needs me, a very satisfying and hard walk/run, step-mom Patty taking Baily for a while, a super-duper-dee-licious dinner of baked potato soup and homemade garlic cheese breadsticks (thanks for the recipes Jae!), a so so fun night at the Stake Youth sports night and kicking booty in volleyball and my new love for volleyball, late night Taco Bell run, SYTYCD

11.13- prayer, prayer, prayer, prayer, forgiving children, prayer, loving phone calls from friend Brittney and step-dad Gerald, nice visit from bro Jensen to cheer me up, my vacuum cleaner, making it through the day

11.12- how my boy is so happy to see me in the morning, his soft & squishy cheeks, jamming to the Newsies and my workout songs with my kiddos in the van, volleyball with my gal pals at the church, a warm house, baked potatoes, a microwave for baking potatoes really fast, discovering Picasa(thanks Malissa!), SYTYCD, SYTYCD music, Bollywood dance & love for the Indian culture, kids in bed and asleep by 8:30, hope for a better day tomorrow, how my kids are so forgiving and loving, my hubby working hard overtime to support our family- love you babe!

11.11- free new toys for indoor fun that we'll need with the winter coming up, my hubby helping me with vacuuming & laundry & preparing dinner, a clean home, smell of Pinesol, an awesome run/walk workout and my wonderful ipod, crazy flow of ideas and inspiration, awesome spinach stuffed chicken parmesan for missionary dinner, delicious home-made speacial K bars, my fellow YW leaders who rock!, an awesome and productive YW activity, cuddling with my hubby on the couch watching our show, cuddles with B

11.10- a VERY patient husband who puts up with my crazy antics, how much I love my dad, Yanni music, walking/exercising, getting some important paperwork FINALLY completed and taken care of, loving on my sweet nephew for the first time and falling in love with him, getting my blog updated and caught up, BK onion rings, jamming to Taylor Swift (Joseph Smith as Baily calls and Glee songs and "Heartless" with my kids in the car while all of us were dancing like crazy and Baily was totally rapping and making runs, J's sweet blessing on the food, cuddles with Baily

11.9- starting my 8 week Beg. Running program and it feelingso good, Rob's Monday morning pancake breakfast, play date for my kids and me and good socialization, recognizing inspiration from on High, Joaquin's sweet chubby cheeks, lavender baby lotion, finishing up the year's D&C Sunday School lessons and realizing all the knowledge and testimony gained from it, cuddles with my babies

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